Here are three offbeat observations from Friday night’s 104-93 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers.

1) Wes Johnson is the Suns’ version of Tom Hanks. A genuinely nice guy whose work you can’t help but enjoy.

Through training camp and the first two preseason games, it’s tough to deny that Wesley Johnson has been a standout amongst the new additions to the roster that fans could really get bhind. In camp, he was the mild-mannered guy who could barely miss a shot and had a smile bigger than a kid who just got a free candy bar. The smile, and the solid shooting, has carried over to the preseason.

In the first preseason game he led the team with 18 points and followed it up with a 12 points, and six-rebound performance at home in game two. Coach Gentry says with Johnson, believing in himself is key.

“With him the whole thing was confidence,” the Suns head coach said. “His overall game is better than we anticipated.”

If he continues to shoot this way, he’s the type of good guy Suns fans have traditionally fallen in love with.

2) Shannon Brown finished with five more points, 12, than stitches he has above his left eye, seven.

For a guy who told the media on Thursday he didn’t expect to play due to a nasty cut and swelling over his left eye, Shannon Brown played impressively well. He was more aggressive than a reality show contestant fighting for his or her’s five minutes of fame and it paid off. Not only did he shoot effectively (5-of-9, but he also had four rebounds and four assists, as well.

As Coach Gentry said, Shannon’s a tough guy, so his play wasn’t surprising.

3) The brightest spot in the game for the Suns? Marcin Gortat’s shoes.

Bonus: The Suns are now 1-1 when Alvin Gentry doesn’t wear a tie in 2012 preseason.

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