With the trade deadline approaching fast, Kerr and the front office have been receiving a lot of calls recently.
(Jeramie McPeek/Suns.com)

It’s that time of the year again. With the trade deadline a mere month away, the rumor mill has officially begun to churn about which teams around the league are looking to make moves or trade away some of their personnel.

Fans, who are attempting their best Steve Kerr impersonation, have e-mailed me or posted comments on my blog stating what the Suns should do to improve their chances for a postseason run. And while I love the feedback and suggestions, there are several mistakes fans routinely make when they propose trades that I think should be addressed.

Let’s call it Trading 101… if you will.

First things first, players’ salaries have to be relatively close to each other in terms of pay if they are to be traded for each other. I mostly wrote this part for all of the fans who wrote in and declared that the Suns should’ve traded Shaquille O’Neal for the No. 1 pick last year.

This is an oversimplification of the rule, but for example, if you were trade a Suns player for a Clippers player, the Suns player couldn’t make more than 25 percent of the other player or 25 percent less than the other player. Or if the Suns player was being traded for two, three, or four players, it would still have to work out where the sum totals of the contracts would have to be within roughly 25 percent of each other. (If math wasn’t your strong point, don’t worry, there’s a handy little device called the ESPN Trade Machine that will let you know how legitimate or illegitimate your trade is financially.)

So, since Shaq is making a cool $21 mill this season and the No. 1 pick (Blake Griffin) is making $4.98 million, that doesn’t quite work out mathematically. However, if the Suns would have traded O’Neal for the No. 1 pick, Baron Davis and Marcus Camby, those numbers would have allowed for the trade to occur.

Now, having seen how a trade works financially, the next key is finding out if the trade would work from a basketball standpoint. Theoretically, if the Suns and Nuggets wanted to (and we have no reason to believe either team wants to), they could trade shooting guard Jason Richardson for Denver’s Chauncey Billups and the trade would work financially.

As unbelievable of a player that Billups is, the Suns are pretty well stocked up at the point guard position. It just doesn’t make basketball sense (before I get any e-mails, this is just an example people).

Finally, there’s the overall economic climate to consider and that’s where the salary cap comes into play. Since the salary cap went down this past offseason and a lot of players’ salaries went up as basketball revenue went down, teams are even more aware of exceeding the luxury tax.

In case you didn’t know, every time a team goes over the salary cap ($69.92 million), they get taxed dollar-for-dollar. That means, if a teams’ payroll amounted to $74.92 million, not only is the team paying an extra $5 million dollars out in salary, but just for the right to do so, it has to pay an additional $5 million to the league.

And as the trade deadline approaches, that should be a major consideration league-wide. So as I caught up with Kerr after practice, I inquired about the state of the team and what’s going on in his office these days.

“It’s busy because this is when teams really start to talk,” he said. “From October until December teams are trying to figure out who they are and where they’re going. By now, everybody knows who they are.”

So where does he think the Suns are?

“I think we are what our record says we are,” Kerr said. “We’re a potential playoff team. We got off to hot start, but we’ve been cold lately and I’m hoping we can develop some consistency and put together a nice stretch this month.”

Kerr noted that this is the point of the season where some teams might be giving up on their seasons and a player that was considered untouchable at the beginning of the season might be someone a team could acquire now. On the flipside, many teams believe that they’re just one piece away from winning it all.

Some teams are even showcasing certain players so other clubs may try to make a play for them.

“We haven’t done that but we’ve seen other teams do that,” Kerr said.

Kerr’s stance on trades has always been that he will make moves if he believes it will make the franchise better in the long run. He also recognizes that gaining a financial leverage is instrumental in making any sort of deal.

But for now, he’s hoping his team re-ignites to the form it displayed earlier this season.

“We need to be tougher mentally to withstand some adversity,” Kerr said. “We’ve had several guys go into shooting slumps at the same time so we need more consistency throughout the roster just in terms of guys being productive and battling through some their struggles.”


    Steve. you and Sarver have one goal, GET SOME DEFENSIVE MINDED PLAYERS!!! If that means goodbye to Amare and Barbossa so be it. This team is going nowhere in a big hurry. It’s got to happen sometime, waiting only makes it more difficult.

  • Manny Gallegos

    What about the trade for Shaq, two years ago that dismantled our offensive structure? This turned the Suns from a hot playoff contender to a team that would be lucky to make a 6 seed this year.
    Last year, due to your “mastermind” trading skills, Mr, Kerr, the chemistry of the team was not existent and we had to deal with building an offense around one player, “Shaq.” Being a die hard Suns fan, I hope for the best, but I am not at all confident that you will make the right decision for the TEAM. All financial “hoopla” aside, think of what is best for the team this year and if you are going to trade, get rid of the slow bodies and trade for some players that can adjust well to a run and gun offense and can play strong defense. This is what the team needs.


    Manny Gallegos (Die Hard Suns Fan)

  • http://nba.com pauly cordona

    Steve I really think you and kerr should look into a trade with J-Rich for T-mac or if not just focusing on what we need to do to land D-wade if we have enough cap space next season. Even though the suns d has not been the best though they been playin it better especially with the addition of Lopez at the starter. And plus the suns offense has been full of fuel just gotta maintain that if we get that 1 on 1 player so we can take some pressure of nash as he would pile up the assisit chart

  • http://msn.com jeff

    I don’t think we need to make any trades until the end of the season,but we do need to try and do what the blazers and thunder have done over the last couple of seasons and stockpile some picks. There’s going to be some incredibly talented players coming out in the next two drafts and we could get back in the title hunt in a serious way using both the 2010 and 2011 drafts. In the 2010 draft i’d like us to target larry sanders but if we can’t get him i’d hope the suns can get either michael washington or james anderson. The bulls have derrick rose and the nets will eventually have john wall, in the 2011 draft the suns need to make sure they have a pick high enough to grab brandan knight who has the talent to match up with a rose or wall down the road. There’s also perry jones whose game is almost identical to kevin durant’s when he was in college. Nash will probably retire in a year or two and we won’t have anyone of quality at the four position if amare is traded or leaves so it wouldn’t hurt us to strengthen those positions through the draft. Goran is very good off the bench but we need to do our best to draft a potential superstar talent at pointguard and that’s why in 2011 we need to draft brandan knight. Other than that our perimeter defense has been a real vunerability and james anderson is an excellent shooter and defender that we can’t overlook on draft day.

  • http://myspace.com/nando_lopez Nando Lopez

    Amare+Jrich to philly for iggy+speights+Dalembert and a cheese steak sandwich

  • http://www.twitter.com/arturbm Artur

    Suns send Amare to the Nets
    Nets send Devin Harris to the Hornets
    Hornets send Chris Paul and Tony Battie’s expiring contract to the Suns.

    Suns would land a franchise player for the next 8 years and avoid getting nothing for Amare.

    Nets gets in a good position to draft Wall, with Amare and Brook Lopez as frontmen and maybe, who knows, lure LeBron.

    Hornets trades a unhappy superstar, gets tons of cap relief and lands an all-star PG.

  • Trung

    The problem with the Suns is they’ve never been a bad team, I mean a really bad team, this means always landing bad lottery picks. As a die-hard Suns fan, I would be able to bear them being a horrible team for two or three years and finally getting that #1 or #2 pick and getting a franchise player, a-la Lebron, Anthony or Wade. Year in and year out we get low picks and have to get good players that make salary cap-crippling contracts or players past their prime (Shaq and Hill)but never good enough to be a contender for the championship year in, year out.

  • russell

    i think we should trade j.rich 4 t.mac which would give us a bigger body plus better perimeter defender like the other guy said he could take his guy 1 on 1 and create plays 4 others guys which would allow us 2 rest nash more often him and stat should be enough 2 take over 4 a period or 2 i mean we would have 2 players in the starting lineup who would have 2 be double team and thats not counting Nash and it would help out our other players like Dudley ,robin,fryeand amoundson so they wont have 2 worry about there o so much and get back 2 d which was a big part of why there o was so good in the frist month of the season and even if it dont work out just think of the money we will save 4 next year we could bring stat back and i don’t know maybe wade and another piece know don’t that sounds nice

  • Ballin

    We need shane battier

  • Beavis 25

    Amar’e and Amundson to the Rockets for Landry, Battier, Scola and a 1st round pick.

    It works. After all the Rockets have said they would like to acquire an athletic big-man to play alongside Yao Ming next season. It is very unlikely the Rockets resign Scola next season. Battier and Landry would have to be included in any Rocket deal. They give up some good players for an all-star, but I still think this makes them a better team.

    We may have to include Amundson though just because the Suns would get really deep with this deal and the fact that the Rockets would be giving up some major bench pieces. I’d miss Amundson and Amar’e, but I wouldn’t mind parting with them for these guys.

    The Suns get a 1st round pick and some defense which is highly needed.

    PG NashDragic
    SG J-RichDudley
    SF HillBattier
    PF LandryScola
    C LopezFrye

    I think this deal makes us better and helps us in the long-term.

  • robert

    what we need is……a new owner and a new GM
    The owner doesnt want to spend money and the gm doesnt know how to spend that money
    You need to spend money and spend is wisely to be able to land better players…..WE NEED A NEW MANAGEMENT cuz the current one has no IDEA how to draft players…..EVERY YEAR they get good picks..BUT GET NO ONE GOOOOD?!?
    Learn from SAN ANTONIO they got Blair the 40 whatever pick and we got CLARK in first ROUND?????!!!!??????

  • http://phan-x.blogspot.com Jey

    I think what fans also need to realise is that the Suns are in a very good position this season on the trade front. They’re in position to make the playoffs with a chance to advance a round (provided these mental issues get resolved soon). They are not a player away from contention, and even if they were, they don’t have the assets to pick up that one player…not until next season when J-Rich is in his final contract year.

    Their best chance of maintaining their position (and improving) is to hold onto their prime assets (Amare, Nash, and, Hill). If LB weren’t injured, he’d be in that group, as well. That’s four players the Suns have under contract (two with player options after the season, which could translate into expiring contracts) that might be enticing to the few teams looking to push themselves over the top in the playoff race. They don’t *have* to make a trade at all, but they should be getting calls from half the league about Amar’e and Grant. In essence, the Suns have the potential to be sellers in a sellers market for once.

    If Kerr really is thinking long term for the franchise, he should be willing to miss the playoffs again this season by trading his number one asset, Amar’e, for talent/expiring contracts AND high draft picks this season and 2012. If not, then Hill should be next in line, even if he only brings back a mid-low first round pick this season or next (UNprotected). If Kerr were to take advice from a fan with zero NBA GM experience, I’d tell him to stand pat for the rest of the season, trust that Amar’e will be here next season (he isn’t opting out…no way), live with whatever happens – for better or worse, and make his moves next January/February. Unless, of course, someone offers exactly what the Suns need going into the offseason (lottery picks, expiring contracts, and cheap talent). I just hope he’s smart enough to recognise a good deal *when* he sees one.

  • Justin Silva

    Ok, there are so many unrealistic trades that would never ever even be considered, chris paul to the suns? Really? come on now,the j- rich for t-mac trade makes some sense besides the fact that mcgrady has played how many games this year? the only thing good about that trade is his expiring contract, hes making 20plus million a year and would free up a whole lot of space for us, but barbosa would have to be included in that deal, and how many fans really want to see barbosa and richardson gone for a washed up has been player like mcgrady? I think the main focus right now is on Amare’, he is probably the only player worth trading on the team right now, he has constantly said he wants a max contract, which is never ever going to happen for him on the suns, he’s not even worth a max player deal, he only grabs about 8 boards a game, if we are lucky, and possibly 2 blocks a game, but wait his 20 plus ppg. averages it all out right?Wrong!his defense is O….K…. he has improved from his rookie year, but it’s taken him a long time to realize that defense is a key essential part of being a power forward. With that said, I think Amare’s days in phoenix have come to an end, he has been way to inconsistent, and honestly hasn’t done very much but get injured, and complain about how he wants a max contract and to play for a contender, yaaaaaaa…. how many teams that are contenders for a championship afford to pay a max contract to Amare’ with all their other invested players on the team as well? I think at this point golden state has nothing we want besides stephen curry, who’s contract isn’t even close to Amare’s….scratch that team off the possible trades list. New Jersey has devin harris, but what would he play for us? back up point guard?shooting guard? doesn’t make sense to me, scratch them off the list. Detroit has tayshaun prince but his contract is worth about 10mil Amare’ is 16mil so there would have to be another player involved for Detroit, which there aren;t really any other players that seem the least bit enticing for us, scratch them off the list.Minesota has Al jefferson, but a player like ryan hollins or corey brewer or ryan gomes would have to be thrown in with him, which makes some sense and i feel would to great for the suns, look at what our training staff has done with nash,hill, and biggest of them all SHAQ, so im pretty sure we could get Jefferson up to all-star status here in Phoenix.Chicago has tyrus thomas and brad miller, it would make some sense to bring in these guys, but lets be honest their production isn’t that great, but it is a possibility that i think could happen .The last team i think would have a chance in this trade with Amare’ would be Cleveland, they have Big Zydrunas Ilgauskas his contract is woth a little over 11mil, throw in jj hickson or anderson varejao and i think this would be the most logical trade, Big Z only has a year left which would save us some money, and hickson is a young talent that can do some damage, Varejao also is very talented, could you imagine lopez and varejao together? the post would be covered for defense. With all that said Amare’ has been one of my favorite players, but after seeing the production of Robin lopez this year, i think that Amare’ gone wouldn’t make a huge difference for us,as long as we received some talent for him, not like the Shaq trade…..all that did was save us money…..I hope that Kerr weighs out all the options, and gives us the best possible future whether he makes a trade or not. I am not a Kerr Hater, he has made some risky moves, but we don’t see the whole picture. Marion wasn’t happy here and wanted to be paid a huge contract,boris and bell weren’t happy either and didn’t want to give the new system a chance, which by the way didn’t work at all. I feel terry porter’s system is the one that really brought the suns organization to that 5th and 6th spot, not steve kerr. Anyways that’s just my 2 cents, just thought i’d comment on this topic.

  • Mike

    Trade Amare and get some money and someone who is gonna rebound and play defense

  • Adam Gutierrez

    Is it true we are going to trade Amare Stoudemire to Cleveland? We already traded Shaq there if we trade him to the Cavaliers I want Mo Williams or Lebron James.

  • B0B

    Kick Amare out of here and get Rajon Rondo or LB23

  • Alex

    i think we should trade j rich away and get t mac! once lb comes back and we’ll be heading to the finals!

  • http://nba.com wes

    Russell and pauly is really right. Tracy macgrady is that one for us who can be dat 1 on 1 player. It would surly take some pressure of nash and stat tp rest. Even if this dont work out with t-mac contract finishing do you know how much salary cap we would have. just imagine what it would be like if wade was in a purple and orange uniform. It would be like the joe johnson back in phoenix. Now this would be the biggest big three in the NBA nash-wade-stoudimire. Us suns really really want nash to get his ring before he goes. He keeps sticking around for us and putting numbers up better then his mvp year. Most people would say go for lebron but what for..lets let everybody else fight for him and seek more availability at the SG position this free agency..besides theres already a star on the west(Bryant).With this being said you would have the lineup of PG-nash..SG-wade..SF-hill(if he sticks around) PF-amare…and C-lopez with one of the best benches comming of the bench. Hope you think about this one! Thnx

  • Ram Longoria

    Well MR. Steve

    All I have to say is that I’ve seen nothing good going down in Phoenix, I just don’t get it why you won’t jump on some of these trades like for Tmac, or try to make a pass for D wade or even work something out for Chris Paul I see all these other teams making passes at these players and yet NOTHING from Phoenix it really breaks my heart to see my Suns bummed out and hold there heads down as they walk on that floor especially from Grant Hill who could of gone to Boston but didn’t this really breaks my heart if you ask me the one that should be removed or traded is you and yes I said it I’ve been a hard core Suns fan since we lost the championship to the bulls and I’ve never seen so much heart break since you became our GM

  • Victor


  • suns fan

    do not trade stoudemire, trade j-rich

  • getnashty

    we need draft picks

  • John Rash

    I agree with John Serpe, I was actually about to say the same thing, why doesn’t the front office and Kerr stop focusing on offense and get some defense on the suns, I mean there are defensive players that are mobile. Offense sells tickets, Defense wins championships. Suns offense is great don’t get me wrong but they are losing because other teams’ offense is “better”, defense would negate all of the questions asked, besides, suns have proven they can contend offensively in the league with all the blown leads. GO DEFENSE!

  • Lance

    I think we should trade Jason Richardson Barbosa and a second round draft pick for a better player down the road like get a top rebounder and a point like Chauncy Billiups would make the suns a good team plus they would get a better chance at a title plus they would have a great rebounder but if they really wanted to save a lot of money i would like to see dwight howard from the Magic or dewayne wade would be very awesome. I like to see Shawn Marion come back here he was a very a cool player and he did a great job for the suns and Alvin Gentry is doing a good job at coaching and keep the coaching staff here thunder dan is doing a great job and bill cartwright as well.

  • Neal

    First things first-it starts with a coach that is commited to defense-and wont settle for anything less-Suns arent going anywhere until they get this right

  • JN

    We need to do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET D-Wade AND DIRK! You see that I put AND. I know that Dirk would be willing to take a little bit of a pay decrease at a chance to play with his boy Steve! It’s time for Kerr to start putting his money where his mouth is, thats all he did last year was say how we were just going to wait until this summer and spend some good money and get some good talent! Can you imagine a team with Nash, Wade, Dirk, Dudley, Frye, Lopez, Barbosa, Dragic, Lou, Hill, Earl and obviously there will be some ins and outs on thsi list, but that team looks pretty darn good to me! I’d also like to get Thabeet from Memphis, he’s got potential to be a huge threat on D.

  • Sam

    Few things
    1) j rich for t mac is a horrible idea. one it will never happen, two t mac is finished due to all his knee injuries and he is also not a team player (thats why rockets were better when he went down last year)

    2)people who want to see the suns get a high lottery pick obviously have not watched what that means. you guess. sometimes you get lebron, sometimes you get greg oden. its not as easy as just getting a high pick. though the suns have always done great with there drafts (even when we trade them for money, Fernandez, rondo, nate robinson) there is a huge risk factor in drafting. much rather them get a young established player.

    3) sarver seems very interested in filling seats and saving money. he brought shaq in to sell seats thats it. i seriously doubt anyone REALLY thought you were going to win a championship. and though shaq played better then anyone could imagine it wasnt going to work. i am very scared that sarver and kerr will shred alot of the players simply to save money. i think they are content in being a 45-50 win team that run and guns and is fun to watch, but know they will never win a championship.

    4)the suns have a team now that is very close to be being a contender. they lack size a bit yes, but with lopez starting that is a large help. nothing against collins but if we could lose him and add a true big bodied center it will help come playoff time. the other large thing to consider is this team is still learning to play together. the last two years have seen lots of changes in the suns play style and rotations. it needs to be rounded out. we have lots of young talent, but i am afraid by the time (1-2 years) everyone is developed and playing well together nash will be just a bit slower and the sarver/kerr group will have gotten rid of amare.

    those are just some things on my mind. i will watch the suns no matter what, but i want a championship. unfortunately when little colengalo left and then daddy colengalo i think the suns lost there chance of that. sarver if this some how makes it to you, please dont make decisions based just on money. i know basketball is a business for you, but it is a lively-hood, a passion, and part of my life.

    thanks for time

  • Mike

    We need someone who can rebound

    Amare for David Lee and whoever matches up with the contract. straight up

  • http://aol.com toan dinh

    steve honestly our team has a great roster and can compete with any team in the nba but due to the fact they keep letting so many teams outscored them when they have the advantage of beaten them with an early lead that they always let there opponents overcome whiches has to stop if they want to be conteders their offense is one of the best but also their defense is one of the worse which i think is the biggest issue their dealing with for numerous years the affect their chance for a championship so in that case i suggest yall to add more defensive minded player who can gaurd 2 or 3 positions like s. marion shouldn’t let him go but if you do decide to trade i would advise you to somehow magically lure in tmac for a player thats not a good fit for the suns style

  • B.J.

    Don’t EVER trade Amar’e!!!….he’s the hope of our franchise!

    Try to get D-Wade next year and also another player who can play DEFENSE!

    I’m a die hard Suns-fan and I still hope that NBA-title will come very soon to Phoenix, especially for Steve Nash, he deserves it!

  • DieHardSuns

    Trade AMARE???? That would be the DUMBIEST thing to date ! He’s leading scorer and plays our center position when he is really a PF. Build around Amar’e !!!!! Bring in a defensive player at the center position and put Amar’e at PF where he belongs and we can make a run to playoffs ………….


  • Steve

    Trade LB for a decent point guard, Goran has showed he needs to be on the floor more minutes, LB has fell off and has hurt the suns this year more than he helped. As for Amare I hate see him go but doesnt look like he will be here after the season so trade him for a young tough PF someone like Carl Landry, or even Carlos Boozer. T-mac would be fun but I dont see hime fitting into the team chemistry.

  • Tom Burroughs

    I think it makes sense to move Amare for what you can get. Future draft pick or? Keep developing Lopez, more time for Earl Clark, Barbosa will be back & healthy & just see how far this group can go. You might just be surprised if we can just make the playoffs how far we might get! It’s always fun to speculate on this player or that player on a trade but I think we have a pretty strong group of young guys, Gorin, Lou, Earl,Robin & Dudley. I say give them a go!

  • Cameron Jones

    trade J-rich and robin lopez to sacramento for kevin martin and maybe an expiring contract….than the suns sign a veteran free agent big man for the remainder of the year. Trade will pay immediate dividends and long term dividends. martin is a star….teamed up with nash he will be even better…lopez is a bust. Sacramento is looking for post defense they may be interested and j-rich can team up with tyreke evans..

  • corey

    i’m a die hard suns fan.. we need to get a lot of defensive toughness,mental toughness, to stop losing big leads all the time.. it don’t make sense… i know teams make runs.. but it’s no excuse for almost everytime.. we need a true finisher, like a d-wade or even a t-mac.. if he’s healthy, it’s to many inconsistant players on the roaster. i think nash is one of the best gaurds of all times but his time is running out .. seems like we’ve used him up.. because he plays his heart out every night. and he’s the only one that does so.he won’t get a ring if we don’t make these changes…



  • john mesa

    Amare needs more displine we r not giving that to him from our staff. As great as he his i am willing to eat what i paid for for my jersey. He needs to be traded 4 King James my wish. with all do respect to the suns organazation no 1 on the suns team has what Lebron has in his eyes that is the PRIZE!! we need that ( determation ) And as of right now he owns the lakers… My answers to my prayers.

  • Jobo

    “Kerr’s stance on trades has always been that he will make moves if he believes it will make the franchise better in the long run. He also recognizes that gaining a financial leverage is instrumental in making any sort of deal.”

    In the long run? As with the Shaq trade? Shaq was the long run? No wonder Mike D’Antoni left.

    There’s too much talk about trading players…they need to replace Kerr.

  • Vince T

    Come on people… are you all really serious? Learn some business and basketball. None of these trades are smart at all. I saw maybe 1 or 2 that may have some consideration. If you want to see the Suns win a championship they HAVE to trade Amare Stoudemire. I love him to death, ever since he was drafted but I don’t know if it’s the injuries or what but he is complete garbage now. Amare couldn’t play defense to save his life, just because he blocks 2 shots a game doesnt mean he has good D. He constantly gets blocked or stripped on the offensive end as well. The suns need to trade Amare ASAP for more balanced players. This team has no idea how to play defense. You can’t have the the No. 1 offense and the No. 30 defense and consider yourself contenders. Main problems: Lack of size, lack of D, and lack of balanced players. Players that need to go: Amare, Amudson, and J Rich. Sorry… these guys need to go for more rounded players.

  • flyeaglefly

    As Long as Kerr and Sarver are around NOTHING good is goin to happen unless we the fans start our Fan TEA PARTY and demand some action.Lets go for it.I Love the SUNS

  • sam

    The suns don’t need to be a great defensive team. Just a middle of the pack. Lakers last year wont a top five defense. The suns only need a Marcus canny type player. Lopes may prove to be that. They also need a true back up point guard. Dragic and LB are 2 guaards. We need someone Nash can be grooming for the sad day he slows down a few years from now. Last thing is about snare. He needs to box out much better, needs to be a leader, last he needs a killer instinct. That’s shat seperates him from the greats. He had the skill and ability to avg 25pts, 11 boards, and 1-2 blocks. Those three things make us a. Champion

  • Tom Burroughs

    If a trade must be made Amare to Clevland for Anderson Varejao. J Rich, Lopez & Varejao, Steve & Grant. More rebounds better defensive unit

  • dave

    hi steve,im abig suns fan,and seriously you guys went wrong when you traded and got shaq, but lets put that behind us, the suns as being a fast paced team for a number of years now, my honest opinion is we need a very good defensive player,give up jrich and earl clark, and see if you can acquire tmac, we just need to more aggresive, look at all the games we lost, we have being leading for atleast 15 or more points up until the fourth quarter, and ending up loosing them, honestly if you dont make some move we are not going to make this playoff as well,we need tmac with a good defensive player,please dont trade amare.

  • franklyn vernon

    hey mr kerr i am a fan of the suns and you make some trade in the pass that did not make sens i just want let you know do not trade amare stoudemire !!!! If you do then they need to trade you too

  • Federico Alatriste

    Hi, first of all I think signing Channing Frye was great for the team, this guy allows the fast break to work better for the team. About trading players to improve the defense I’m not quite sure, I think that the problem is not in the players is in the staff or the philosophy of the game, by trading players so very often you create uncertainty among your players. Think twice before making a trade for a defensive player because Matt Barnes was a great defender and he was not the answer to the problem he was just a decition that somebody took to try to cover the sun with one finger.

  • A White

    I hope every day you will go away Kerr. You’ve done quite enough already to this team. It’s been all downhill with your tinkering and boneheaded moves. The Suns’ front office & ownership is the laughingstock of the NBA re: “you can’t lowball the Suns enough”, etc… You know it’s true. The worst day in this franchise’s history was the day Colangelo sold this team. The happiest day for the fans will be the day Sarver sells it to someone who can really afford to own a NBA team.

    If you trade Amar’e for a pile of dog doodoo like in one of the usual trades you two rocket scientists make, you’ve seen the last $$$ from me (Suns fan since 1972). I buy 2-3 tickets 3 to 6 times/season, park in your garage, buy your high priced food, etc… You may not think much of that amount of revenue but multiply me by hundreds or thousands.
    Surely as the “management”, you cannot be unaware of how the fans feel at this point having our beloved team RUINED BY YOU & YOUR BOSS.

  • jerkmann

    If you simply have to trade Amare please get someting good cause some things i have been hearoing seems like your getting rid of him for moneyhope they are just rumors get at least one good player cause amare is a good player just no d miss x coach is the fault for that

  • Jake McGrath

    I have a few ideas for some Amare trades…

    First is, Amare and Jay Rich to the Rockets for T-Mac and Chase Budinger.

    Why for the Suns?: You guys save tons of cash with that trade and tons of cash next season and Chase is a solid young prospect, that gives you a solid young core of Lou, Robin, Goran and Chase to build around.

    Than there’s Amare to the Heat, you guys were rumored to not be a fan of Beasley but the Heat do have two first rounders, their own and the Raptors so maybe a package around those?

    Than the 76ers are rumored to want to get rid of Igoudala but I don’t know how intersted you guys are in taking back salary?

    Or if possible can you try to get the Suns lotto pick from OKC back in an Amare trade? Maybe OKC doesn’t want Amare but can you work out a three way trade?

    Looking forward to seeing what happens…

  • Hani Hafez

    Steve, I think you are doing a good so far. Amare Stoudemire’s stuation will be probably the biggest obstacle coming to you as a GM. I would hate to see amare walk without anything in return and he is not a franchise player.
    1- I recently heard Kevin Martin from the Kings might be available, get him with a draft pick.
    2- trade with the wizards for coran butler, and their draft pick.
    3- the 76ers are willing to part ways with Andre Iguodala, get him and mourice speights or a draft pick.
    4- Dont make a trade with cavaliers they dont have nothing to offer. JJ hickson is not good enough.
    5- the nets also have some good players to offer right now.
    6- Timberwolves were trying to get rid of al jefferson, almost the whole knicks roster is available, or the rockets have alot of talented players.

  • Hector Franco

    Trading Amare?????? are you kidding me were talking about our franshise player to be. Hasn’t even reached his peek yet!!! Whos our franshise player Nash? lets face it he only gots like 2 good years left and Amare with staying healthy still gots about a WHOLE decade. The way i see it Nash cant win one without the pick and roll without Amare the best since Stockton and Malone. THE SUNS have a history of trading potential HALL OF FAMERS when we talk about Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Mike Finly and they all made quite a name for themselves. Why trade Amare When he gots a heck of a name already. So he has a had problem rebounding not his fault hes a PF playing in a C shoes Isnt that why we got Frye and Lopez who hardly plays. Who else is going to get the bordes look at the stats he leads the team in rebounds but he cant do it by himself, and he has plenty of time to work on his defence! Our starting 5 is one of the oldest in the leauge by trading Amare seems like we are trying to get older. As a SUNS FAN i want to see our future! whos our FUTURE Lopez??????? you gotta be kidding me. We can trade Amare but i dont see anybody or anybodies replacing the explosevness he brings on the court. Ok if your going to trade?? Trade Richerdson and Hill. THINK OF THE FUTURE!!!!! Amare and Barbosa is our FUTURE!!!!! (THE SUNS FAN)

  • Kerrsed

    3 Amare trades I’d make are:

    1. Amare/Barbosa to NJ for Yi/TWill/Lee/Simmons/Dal 1st rd pick/2011 NJ 1st round pick.

    2. Amare to OKC for Green/Harden/Thomas/our 2010 pick back.

    3. Amare/Barbosa to CHI for Deng/James/Johnson/Thomas/2010 1st rd pick

  • http://yahoo Alan Henderon

    This is ridiculous. PHX has always been impulsive on trades. Letting Joe Johnson go was a huge mistake, look at him now. Enough of this A’mare talk, he is not the problem. You are ALL jumping on the “A’mare can’t play D” bandwagon and quite frankly, it’s getting really annoying. He’s the face of this franchise and has developed greatly since being the 18 yr old kid from Florida. He’s established himself as a threat offensively and defensively. Here’s a tip, instead of reading everyone’s misguided comments on this stupid blog, watch a stupid game and form your OWN opinion. Suns struggle defensively, as a TEAM! Invest in defensive draft picks, keep A’mare and bulk up the paint. Next, don’t spend ridiculous money getting D Wade or CP3. Develop Goran Dragic and prepare him to take Nash’s spot. He has a great sense for the game. Last note, PAY ATTENTION. And stop getting your opinions from other people’s idiotic comments.

  • chris

    Suns get: Yi jianlian, Chris Douglas-Roberts and one of these options, 2 oe 3 draft picks or Courtney Lee.

    Nets get: An All Star PF, Dominance in the Paint, an above average mid range shooter, a scorer, an average shot blocker, an average rebounder and the Leader/STAR/FACE of the Franchise.

    Suns get: (1st option) a BIG MAN/scorer/rebounder/shooter, Future All Star maybe and IS a role player for any team, guarantee numbers will change when NASH and YI step on the floor together. CDR, a young talented guard who can score and will be able to distribute. Possibly a future Devin Harris… Has potential to be a multiple All Star, especially in Phoenix. Then 2 or 3 draft picks, well it is what it is. (2nd option) Courtney Lee, if they do aquire Lee he won’t be around for long, or he may be a UTIL. guy if needed. He’s a shooter, nothing more, The Suns are filled with more shooters than any other team out there, and as guard, well J-Rich, Dragic, CDR, Barbosa and Nash, he’ll play, but he wont be a lock in phoenix, not alot more than what they’re already getting, but hey it’s something right!

  • seth t

    u need to trade amare and get lb or dw seriosly would make the suns alot better

  • dbrimstone

    if you make a trade just to save money, you’ll never see a dime of mine, and I’ll make sure to dissuade everyone I know to not give you a dime of theirs

  • Brandon

    3 way trade trade amare to grizz for z bo hamed Haddadi rudy gay. then trade hamed to magic for redick. then rockets trade t mac and arron brooks to knicks for nate lee harrington and curry then houston trade harrington and curry to heat for haslem and oneal

  • Tyler Nickel

    Signing defensive players would be great, but they must also be mobile on the offensive end. Let us face it, Steve Nash is the best offensive mind in the game, but he traded all skills at defense for that, making him the worst defender. With Nash leading the team until his retirement, there is no sense in bringing in a defensive unit. Have we not tried this scenario already? Anyone recall a player named Shaq? We need to completely revamp the team, keep J-Rich he is great. Wait for Nash and Hill to retire, we need better defense once they are gone. Say goodbye to Amare, he is useless in terms of D. Lopez can be useful, but for goodness sakes man shift your feet a little and get some post up moves. Channing Frye was a big hype when he came in, Gentry already noticed that he lives and dies by the 3, that is why he doesn’t start. None of the “rumors” for trades even sound very great, so wait for draft picks and free agency, keep Amare for now and trade him on draft day.

  • bran

    trade barbosa and grant hill for ron artest and sasha vujachic. JUst give the lakers your 2011 2nd round draft and 1st pick. artest great defensive player. sasha spreads the court for steve nash. this makes dudey better and have a bigger role. also get some garbage in the free agent this year just in case any injuries happen

  • http://- do it

    amare, j.rich, barbosa for camby E.gordon & al.thronton

  • paul

    you guys must try harder to sign “stat” back to the suns jersey it would be a horrible day in suns history if you don’t do this. Now we made the mistake on not signing Kevin Garnet to a suns Jersey and instead we signed shaq please don’t make the same mistake twice. I have been a suns fan for over 15 years of my life and i would simply stop being a fan if this takes place.

  • paul

    no trades pay up and amare will come back

  • http://facebook,gmail jesse mercado

    i too think j-rich for t-mac is a horrible idea. but j-rich for o.j. mayo is even better!!!!!! we should trade jared dudley for at least……… rashard lewis, or jamario moon. but think about it.!

  • http://suns.com MR. P

    NEVER trade Amare. He is the heart of the suns, built the team around him. If he is to be traded it better be for someone like LeBron or D-wade

  • corey

    get d wade we need a true finisher..

  • Jon Lee

    Mr. Kerr Amare and J Rich have spent enough time in PHX. You just need a good player in the post with high efficiency and consistency and I recommend Chris Bosh and also consider Carlos Boozer’s expiring contracts. They are both efficient scorers decent defenders and good post players. They will be more aggressive than Amare has been and will definitely improve the team. Also J Rich for Ray Allen or some other impacting player like T- mac more defensive minded Shooting guards that are in a bit of a offensive struggle. They just need to be integrated into Gentry’s offense and the shots will come.

  • Vaughn

    Hi, if they need a defensive player they should get Tim Duncan or Hedo Turkoglu aka “Mr. 4th qtr” or even Richard Jefferson. They have a problem when playing in 4th qtr, they should need agressive player and a defensive player too.

  • http://Suns.com Amitpal Bains

    I think we need to get rid of both Amare and J-Rich. We should trade JRich for Andre Igquadala from sixers. He is a good defender and will be good in a high tempo game. We should trade Amare for whatever we can. We should try to trade him to Washington for Antawn Jamison. Now that would be a good team.
    Good defense and offense. Love to see that happen.


    wow!!! i know a trade may be necessary, but im shocked no one is talking bout alvin gentry. he should recieve some of the blame too

  • Amitpal Bains

    JRich for Andre Igquadala and Amare for Antwan Jaminson.

  • nick

    steve, i think the best way for this trade is to get dwight howard, to get dwight howard you must trade robin lopez and channing frye, coz the team needs a defender and dwight is better than shaq… he and amare would be terrific and you need also a main guard maybe you get dwane wade for j rich and dudley ^_^ hope this works

  • Paul

    for gods sake, just dont trade nash or stat…anybody but nash or stat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://msn.com jeff

    The only trades scenarios i like right now are the ones with chicago and miami. They return the most value for both teams. Amare to chicago for deng,thomas,james johnson and a pick sound very solid for both the suns and the bulls. Amare gets to go to an up and coming playoff team with another star pointguard in rose and gets to be the main scoring option there. The suns get to make up for trading deng in the first place and replace amare’s offense with an explosively athletic defensive power forward in thomas. James johnson could be another rodney rogers down the road and would be a solid backup to thomas. If the bulls include their 2010 draft pick we could use it to get a xavier henry or willie warren in the backcourt which would give us a very young and very talented team in 2011. If we send amare to miami,he gets to pair with wade and that might be enough for them to lure leBron. We most likely get beasley,quentin richardson, dorell wright and one of their two 2010 first rounders which might give us an armon johnson,craig brackins or james anderson. Many people haven’t really been impressed with michael beasley thus far, but it’s possible he’s playing the wrong style on the wrong team in miami. His potential was compared to that of a “carmelo anthony” coming out of college and we have to remember he’s only 21 years old and has tremendous upside. He’s bigger than carmelo at 6-10 235 but would absolutely flourish in our running game and if we did trade for him and he became a bigger stronger version of carmelo anthony for the suns,could we really afford to pass on the oppurtunity to trade for him? Like i said, chicago and miami give us the most value in a trade for amare, we just can’t afford to get fleeced this time around so mr. kerr if either team offers the above mentioned packages, we need it signed,sealed and delivered. If amare absolutely won’t resign we have no choice but to trade him and not let him walk away without anything in return. Please just take the time to think about the chicago and miami proposition it’s something sensible for all parties involved and both trades work financially.

  • mat

    dont trade defense this time… ie marion, raja bell

    dudley, amundson, clark, lopez and hill r the suns better defenders

    j rich for bosh/boozer
    barbosa for haslem

  • http://www.twitter.com/arturbm Artur

    For those who wants the Suns to have a top-3 pick, just wait to Nash retire.

    Just throwing out a thought: What’s gonna be Amare PPG avg if he plays with Devin Harris, instead of Nash?

    Everybody praises Amare offensive skills but forget that he plays with Nash. I’d take around 20-25% of his points if he starts playing for another team.

    The team needs a franchise player. And I dont think Amare have it, specially after all these injuries. Its awesome to see he playing through all of them, but the guy is a time bomb.

  • johan gustafsson

    I think that we can trade amare for bird man and jr smith and something more (maby nene)so the deal can came possible…

    And with an talk with amare… resign him next year…

    We must do anything with j.rich… he suck rigth now… trade him with minesota for a future pick and ricki rubio… then the future will be saved…

  • Kosta

    1st option
    Well actually you need to trade your star player. Give Amare and someone else for Chris Bosh or Amare and a combination of players and picks (Al Jefferson + a pick, Chris Kaman(!!!) + a pick) and trade J-Rich for Monta Ellis (ideal) or Kevin Martin (he has been injured I am not sure but he is very good).
    2nd option
    Trade most of your role players and subtitutes. That’s maybe where you struggle.

    I would prefer the 1st option and especially the Chris Bosh thing. You can earn a championship with a player like him. Monta Ellis (really solid player) for J-Rich (and maybe a pick because J-Rich is not in his ups) will be nice as well.
    We will be waiting for a superb trade, that will change the Losing Era. And please don’t underestimate your fans. They know what a good trade is, and a good star trade is the only thing that can help Phoenix right now. Everything else is just talking.

  • Mike

    Amar’e for Bosh.

  • yozoh12

    Trade Amare for Bosh and Richardson for Monta Ellis. Also buy some kind of Chris Andersen for your defense

  • Shea

    Kerr would be a fool to get rid of Amare although he isnt that great defensivly he is almost unstoppable offensivly. We need to keep him and try to go after a team thats going no where like clippers. Marus Camby is a defensive machine not to mention he can rebound like crazy. he would be a perfect fit for our team. Wed have to give up barbosa or even a richardson, but it would give us a low post presence that we have never had.

  • http://Suns The book

    T Mac would be agood fit

  • Shea Trisoliere

    The answer is simple…..Marcus Camby. He is making 9.1 million this year. J. Rich has had a good run in PHX, but i think his time his up. Camby is a defensive force down low and he is a solid rebounder. He is a perfect fit for the suns. With Him at center, Amare can play his usual position at PF and dominate. The suns should push for this guy and forget about gettin rid of Amare. He may not be strong defensivly but its not like hes terrible? We just need to solidify the center position and the suns will be well on their way.

  • http://blogs.suns.com/2010/01/4169/comment-page-2/#comment-1454 Shea Trisoliere

    Marcus Camby is the answer here. He is solid defensivly as well as rebounding. I dont think the suns would have to give up much to get him either. But whatever they do KEEP AMARE! The suns may have to part ways with J Rich, but he isnt going to help us win the title. A guy like Camby will make the suns a ligit contender for the title. Amare will also benifit hugly from this trade. He can dominate at his usual PF poition and tighten up defensivly on guys more with his size and use his quickness as well. The suns need to push for Camby if the get ride of Amare, its over. I dont know whatd theyd get in return thats better than amare. We have depth we just need a defensive presence and Camby is it!

  • Redd

    I think that WE need to keep Stoudemire cause he and Nash have the best 2 man game in the nba. WE need to get Tmac by trading Jason Richardson. Then we Trade or try to get Nate Robinson for Leandro Barbosa. We just need to get Tmac somehow. He will help the suns out a lot. He is 6 foot 8 and has a lot of experience for the game. Although he is going through a tough time. Just like how amare came back from all those surgeries and struggles so can TMAC. But i think if we have to we need to trade barbosa cause right now we need him the most and his injuries are getting in the way. IF we have Jason Richardson and Tmac then we can Put the lineup like this:

    PG – Steve Nash >>>>>>>>>>>> Goran Dragic
    SG – Jason Richardson >>>>>>>>>> JAred Dudley
    SF – Tmac >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Grant Hill
    PF – Amare Stoudemire >>>>>>>> Amundson
    C – Channing Frye >>>>>>>> Robin Lopez

    Just look at that lineup. WE could be so good as a team. Nash will average 20 assists a game cause he has so much options. GET TMAC AND WE WILL WINN THE CHAMPIONSHIP THIS YEAR: 2010 CHAMPIONS – Phoenix Suns.

  • http://blogs.suns.com/2010/01/4169/comment-page-2/#comment-1454 Shea Trisoliere

    We should even contact the hornets about James Posey. He is solid all around not to mention a better defender than Hill and Richardson. He could be a good addition if the suns were to part ways with Richardson.


    I think the trade to make is to trade STEVE KERR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • where’s the D?

    over-rated Amare Stoudemire needs to go ASAP, and alvin gentry should be replaced as well. since mike d’antoni left the suns it’s been a downward spiral. I had a bad feeling when mike d left the team….and this is why….the team has gone soft since.

  • Scott

    I’m very surprised nobody is complaining about Alvin Gentry!?!?!? ever since mike d’antoni left the team it’s been a downward spiral with no play offs!

    I think this team has the ability to be doing a lot better than they are….but gentry is just not making the right decisions at the right times.

    That, and Amare needs to get his game going or just go! I think he’s way over-rated.

  • bob kalso

    keep amare he is the future

  • joaquin

    This team have out score almost all teams in the league for 2 or 3 quarters, in the 4 Quarter they are the same team but don’t have the guide to finish the game, how about trade Alvin for one of this De Antoni, Phil Jackson or Pat Riley.

  • Pat Irish

    I think we should see if Tracy McGrady is able to be made healthy like Grant and Shaq. If our trainers think they can get him healthy, we might consider trading Amare’ for him. He plays defense (which Amare’does not), he has good hands (which Amare’ does not) and he can stay on his feet during a game (which Amare’can’t). Amare’ seems to have lost interest in the Suns because he does not consider them a contender. They would be, if he came to play and gave 100% every game night. We need someone who thinks they could help us be a better team. Someone who believes the Suns can be a contender instead wanting to be traded to a “contender”.

  • Scott Pataska

    Amare needs to get his game going or just go away! I think he’s way over-rated.

    Also, I’m very surprised nobody is complaining about Alvin Gentry!?!?!? ever since mike d’antoni left the team it’s been a downward spiral with no play offs!

    I think this team has the ability to be doing a lot better than they are….but gentry is just not making the right decisions at the right times.

  • Jonathan Erell

    Everybody think about it- Nash must have a player who play with him like Amare now, so if you want to trade him it must be for a really good defenssive player, or a center like Dwight Howard and Nash… it can be the best show ever…

  • Alfredo Noname

    Steve kerr and Sarver have dismantled the suns franchise in only a short period. Kerr’s trades and off season moves never quite pan out. The suns fell apart once joe johnson left, and following marion. Steve kerr is obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed. We need a new GM “ASAP”

  • nhasref rakim

    “YOU NEED A DEFENSIVE PLAYER” someone who can block, shot and
    do whatever it takes to bring his team to playoffs.why not try
    to use some players of the team…maybe there is someone there who has a hearth of going to the finals.. the year the suns got in to the finals… suns is number one in block or defense
    just try to look that..

  • Ramos

    Miami have one point guard, he’s name is Carlos Arroyo. He better point guard than Dragic. I think J-Rich is done in Phoenix, we need to trade him. May the problem is not Amare.But if they need or want to trade him please bring to our team players with DEFENSE AND SCORE ABILITY. We love this team and the most important thing we really really need and dream with a nba finals trophy.

  • Nick

    All of you saying to get rid of amare are wack ,but we should try to trade Barbosa and J-Rich for T-Mac

  • Christian Guerithault

    I don’t think getting rid of Amare will solve anything. I think that we should get a defensive player possibly Ron Artest, but Kerr did take a chance by getting rid of D’antoni and I think if he takes a chance by getting rid of Amare he will regret it as he did with the D’antoni deal. Don’t try to fix something that really is not broken, Amare is our best offensive player, all he needs to do is work on his rebounds, don’t criticize him for not playing defense, he does a fine job at what he does. Dudley is a great defender so don’t say we don’t have defense. We could use more defense but really don’t take a chance by trading Amare. Oh and think about it, if we trade Amare no one in the NBA can do the pick and roll as well as Amare and Nash, unless we get Dwight Howard which will not be happening soon.


  • Chris

    Get Tracy McGrady!!!


    Look we all know its hard, but Go after LeBron James and or Dwane Wade,and or Dwight Howard. we can do it. Have to let Amare go and some of are bench? We do have a good team but NO FIRE

  • yung mykol

    Joe johnson was our tracy mcgrady

  • William Green

    DO NOT TRADE AMARE! The pick and roll offense is a major part of Suns success and it will be hard to match that chemistry Nash and Stoudemire have. A logical trade to guarantee the Suns make the playoffs and CONTEND FOR A TITLE is Jason Richardson to Houston for Shane Battier, Luis Scola, and Chase Budinger. Scola contract expires this year to clear cap space. You would only have Chase’s 725k contract for 3 years and Shane’s 6.9m contract for 2 years. J Rich is making 13.3m for 2 years and his productivity is declining. An alternative would be Richardson to Houston for Shane Battier and Trevor Ariza. Both of these trade options would work out for the Suns and solidify IMMEDIATE success. TRUST ME.

  • Tino

    Trade Amare for Bosh im sick of Amare not playing Defense, always in foul trouble and hes not a leader either the suns r not a championship team they will never win with this team make trades !!!! They blow every lead every game im sick of it we need some DEFENSE

  • Mike James

    Trade Amare to Memphis for Mayo And Randolph it works.

    Atleast on Trade Machine lol.

  • Christian OLivares

    Ill have to say get chris Bosh good rebounder or Dwade ver good players keep in mind.

  • http://none earvin

    HEY im a filipino.im a big fan of SUNS.may be you should get a small forward.tracy mcgrady is my suggestion.

  • ian

    I still believe in Amar’e. Tell him to go back to his number 32 jersey. I like that version of Amar’e.

  • g0ast

    Trade possibility?

    PHX sends:

    MIA sends:

    It works financially, mabye J-Rich can play better in Miami. We would lose Barbosa but we have Dragic and Dudley who can rotate off the bench, or mabye not much at all cause Wade could play the whole game.

  • Benny

    Dear Mr. Kerr,

    Before making any trades please read this:

    Where talking about a All-star player for who Mr. Kerr? But trades are made, Its good for the team when you trade someone, not a ALL-STAR STARTER for someone(s) that does not even make the voting ballot list for the all-star game. Its a 5 on 5 game. Not 20 on 5 game. Can you please explain how are we going to become a better team without Amare Stoudemire? Amare is only 1 guy that fills in the spot of 5 players on the court. He does his job very well I think. (HE’S A ALL-STAR PLAYER!) So your thinking about trading a all-star player for 6 players or so? If so are the new 6 players going to start the next game? Are the Suns going to start a 11 on 5 game vs. the Lakers? NO You have Nash you have Stoudemire you have a good bench. ALL WE NEED IS A COACH I think. Stop picking apart the team please. I think we have all the players we need but not a good coach. Amare Stoudemire is NOT the problem we have not become a championship team. It’s because we need a Coach. Trade anyone you want its not going to get better. Amare Stoudemire is voted in as a all-stars ever year! You have the 2 of the 3 Starters on your team this year!!! Wake up Mr. Kerr we are going to become a joke team. Mr Kerr, you know how to make this team work. Tell Mr. Sarver when we have a all-star team he can sell seats for all-star prices! When his team is a joke team it’s going to become a joke price tag. I don’t think people are going to pay for something they can find for free in there neighborhood parks sir.

    Thank You for your time Mr Kerr.

  • danelle


  • big d

    j rich and lou amudson maybe a draft pick, for birdman, jr smith and johan petro

    works finacially and the nuggets get to get rid of jr who carl dosnt like.

  • david o. las vegas

    you should trade hill and barbosa,then try to get lebron or dwade.big vegas suns fan.

  • henry

    hi! i think we need to trade steve nash.. he have pretty high value.. trade him for young players.. time to rebuild suns… i will be happy if he do that!

  • http://phoenixsuns.com Bill

    We aren’t a big enough market to win the championship…as much as I hate to think about it I think and feel the championships go to bigger markets…Houston, LA, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, and Miami…if you notice it’s all around water points, bigger markets. I have been a Suns fan since 77…seen us win, lose and so on. Hate the Lakers, Boston, and Spurs…but it takes defense to win championships along with one superstar and a good mix of other players to win.

    I say trade Amare, but we need a great rebounder, and defensive minded player/s…Bosh, Landry, Scola, Perhaps Tmac, or maybe keep Amare and try and get Wade, but you’d have to give up Jrich, LB, Amundson and perhaps some cash. I think we definetely need defense to go with our run and gun and we also need that one player that like Lebron, Kobe, Dwade, or Tmac that is a go to guy…need better rebounding for sure and DEFENSE…we have let alot of pics go aside…maybe it’s time to keep them and rebuild with them and see where we can go from there…who knows, just tired of being discouraged over not making it to the big show. Steve, Kerr, let’s do something to make the PHOENIX SUNS a TRUE CONTENDER! 32yrs of bball…love the SUNS and am a die hard fan..but let’s get a ring for NASH…he so deserves it. We should have never traded him to Dalls!!!

  • Sean

    Lets learn from the past people!!!
    When this happened last time, we traded for shaq….the season fell apart, the chemistry fell apart, the whole next season fell apart!
    Oh ye of little faith!!! We have a fantastic dynamic…
    The begining of the season was proof of that!
    Lets have Gentry Kick up the defensive skills and ask Richardson and others to step it up.
    They can master other teams. They can master the best in the league.
    Dont let fear dictate stupid trades! Let confidence and faith in the team chemistry keep us all keeping on with what we’ve got.
    Bottom line Gentry needs to focus on making this team confidence in their defensive shoes.

  • J.Y.D.

    Trade J rich to the thunder for james harden. It would be awesome to see harden in a suns jersey. but i bet kerr wouldn’t do it b/c he’s a wimpy wildcat who doesn’t want a sun devil here.

  • mark


  • mark

    i think the best trade for the phoenix suns is: robin lopez and dudley for brook lopez. THEN jason richardson for andre igquadala. THEN trade steve nash because lets face it he’s gettin old and we should trade him while we can. so we should trade nash for tryec evans.
    this would be our linup:
    tyrec evans-pg
    andre igquadala-sg
    grant hill-sf
    amare stoudamire-pf
    brook lopez-c


    thats will be the best lineup for the phoenix suns. and everbody in that lineup is young besides grant hill. PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ THINK ABOUT WHAT I SAID, IM A TRUE SUNS FAN

  • Mark


  • chris

    i think we should trade amare and dudley and 2012 first round pick for dirk nowitzki and 2011 second round pick from mavs we should also trade jason richardson and grant hill for danny granger

  • chris

    we need defense

  • http://nba.com Tommy

    Please do TRADE AMARE!

    The guy sucks and complains about everything. We don’t need a 20 ppg scorer, we need someone who crashes the boards and can score at the same time, like a Carlos Boozer.

    Amare talks so much crap about wanting to leave and he is WAY over his head, just get rid of the dude. As long as he’s out of Phoenix, its a good thing.

  • mario

    i am a Lebron James die hard fan but i could help the suns need to look at a long shot run dont think about this season, think after that we saw the thunder technically threw ll their roster away then started getting draft picks u may trade j-rich to the nets for bobby Simmons ( salary dump ) and 1st round pick for next. then draft a shooting guard or defender and keep Amare and Lopez and Nash for couple of years and a draft pick. then next year throw Nash away for another draft pick then now u got a young team, keep them for couple of years then they got chemistry like the thunder now. they started from scratch but the suns won’t they already got Nash and Amare and Lopez. i would also love to see Amare go to the CAVS but i dont know if the y will let J.J. Hickson and Big-Z go especially JJ

  • Dean Eduard Yamio

    what are u thniking die hard fans? trading amare? tsk. u dont need to trade amare for speights? iggY? or sammy? do u think that they will do better than amare? i think not. the suns is well of the bench but..poor d. we need player who is more confident in defense also in offense. why dont u trade jrich for trevor ariza. or maybe get lebron james next year. as lbj said.. he is do not want max contract. he only wants is that his team winning and get a chance for the nba finals. that’s right. try to get LBJ to suns next season. and maybe suns will be the next year champs as well. thank you. by dean of the Philippines.
    also a die hard fan of suns.. GO Steve Nash! ^^

  • Jonathan

    Here’s the deal.. We need to get rid of 3 people this season.. Amar’e, Richardson, and Barbosa.

    Here’s what we need. A large expiring contract. A good young talent.. And a draft pick! At least 2 of 3..

    Who cares about this season. Staying mediocre and just making the playoffs isn’t enough. As an organization we need to strive for a championship. The best way to that is through restructuring. And if you’re worried about not selling tickets. That’s the reason you have Nash. The fans will still be around. Time to stop delaying the inevitable!

    So why do we give up those guys?
    Amar’e has given up- Hence 1 rebound vs the Mavs. He doesn’t play D, and he quits when it isn’t working his way.

    Richardson isn’t worth $13.3 mill, but could help a team make a push.

    Leandro only tries to score. This hurts our offense, because he forces shots. He too can help someone make a push. Oh and did I mention he takes away from Goran’s game and learning process?

    Just by trading these players we get rid of over $36 million.

    That puts us in the hunt for a big name next year!! Plus if we can get a good young talent out of it, or a draft pick we make our team younger and better, too.

    Please Kerr.. don’t give Amar’e away for nothing.. But make sure we are competing for a top spot next year, while also getting younger.

    Bosh and Wade are the two best guys we should look at.. Dirk would make us good and it’d be cool to see, but he won’t help age wise. The other two give us a dominant younger player to take over after Nash. Who knows, maybe bringing back J. Johnson is the right call?



  • Japanese Suns Fan

    Amare=Kevin Love or Al Jeferson+Ricky Rubio or R.Sessions
    =Chris Bosh
    =CDR+Draft Pick
    =Igudara+スペイツor Young
    =Rudy Gay+Thabeet
    =Jeff Green+James Harden
    J-Rich=Kevin Martin
    =Eric Gordon
    =Chase Budinger+Shane Battier
    =Taylar Hansbrou+α
        =Terrence Williams+Lee or CDR
    私自身はNashの後継者としてRicky Rubioを取るのがよいと思う。

  • Pat

    Trades Happen
    I don’t know why anyone would suggest trading LB. Thats just crazy. Probably the best Player we have right now.

    Amare could be one of the greats but Im unsure if he’s putting forth the effort because he wants to be traded or just slipping up.He has shown to work great with Steve but lately hasn’t been there. I hope he picks his game up again, that would be better than any trade. I can see Amare pulling down 30 point games every time, He has it in him.

  • http://www.facebook.com Jet

    I think Suns must trade Channing Frye and J-Rich for Dirk Nowitzki or the suns should trade nash to dallas for Terry and shawn marion :D

  • http://nba.com Reef from, N.J.

    Keep Amare !!; 5 years/ $50 million seems fair. We need to coach him on playing better defense and rebounding intead of just pointing the finger at him (maybe Coach Cartwright can help)J-Rich and Barbosa are trade bait (only because J-Rich is the newest and Barbs hasn’t been healthy) Whatever we do, we need YOUTH !! see Thunder, Grizzlies, 76ers, etc

    PS- Again, we need to stop blaming Amare for the overall lack of success the Suns have had !! He is STILL an awesome ball player.

  • Marc

    Don’t trade Amar’e Stoudemire, he is the future of this franchise. Trading him would mean throwing the towel and becoming a lottery team. So what’s the point of signing Nash and Hill to extensions?? To teach young guys? Don’t trade Amar’e and obviously Nash and Hill. Should be able to trade J-Rich or LB

    These stupid people who wants to trade Amar’e doesn’t know a thing about the Suns. He is the offensive force of this offensive reliant team. Trading him would mean trading the bullet of the gun

  • Jack

    TRADE AMARE & go to the extent of getting LeBron James,Dwight Howard, Dirk Nowintski,or Chris Bosh…..they can all run up and down the court and make shots….thats what we need!

  • John Arnold

    If the Sun’s really have to do a trade, trade someone who has not contributed anything to defence, offence, ticket sales or entertainment and is also well past his prime and no one wants to pay to see anymore. And free up some salary. Trade The Gorilla.

  • http://www.msn.com.sg mark javier

    mr. kerr,
    try to trade j-rich for t-mac who can score consistently, j-rich is not helping the team, we need a shooting guard who can play a forward like t-mac who can also play defense, our problem here is our defence, especially in backcourt or trade barbosa for a small forward who can play defense, i think we don’t need barbosa, we have dragic and dudley, don’t trade amare’, if you trade him we need another 2-3 years adjustment, his weakness is defense so why don’t we get another center who can play defense to help him, he’s a power forward not a center.

  • ivan bantog

    dont trade amare, dont make the same mistake you did trading shawn marion, how bout adding more options to offense and spicing up with a lil defense, how bout j-rich and LB for tmac and chase budinger.. rockets will agree to anyone just to get rid of t-mac, and adding budinger the guy has good perimeter game, compliment to nash amare pick and roll adding option to offense and tmac helping nash in play making, this would make suns from 8th seed to 2nd next to lakers

  • mark

    1. jason richardson for miami dwayne wade
    or jason richardson for sixers andre igquldala

    2. trade amare for marc gasol,rudy gay, o.j mayo and h.thabeet
    3. amare stoudamire and leandro barbosa for jamal crawford and josh smith

    4. gorgan dragic and earl clark for tyreke evans
    5.amare and dragic for bulls derrick rose,tyrus thomas and kirk hinirch
    6. amare for nets brook lopez,courtney lee,devin harris, chis douglas roberts and k.dooling
    7.amare and grant hill, for yao ming and trevor ariza

  • mark

    trade amare and leandro barosa for josh smith and jamal crawford. josh smith bring offense and defense to the suns and jamal crawford is a person who will be your 6th man. he will come off the bench and put up 20-30 pints per game.


  • mark

    trade j rich and leandro barbosa for joe johnson and jamal crawford

  • mark

    trade jason richardson and grant hill for bobcats gerald wallace and s. jackson.

    they will bring defense and offense to the suns

  • mark

    or we can trade amare and barbosa for tyson chandler and g. wallace.
    that will bring defense and offense to the suns

  • Saad Ali

    Personally, I think if Amar’e doesn’t want to be on the team anymore (not saying that he does), then you should TRADE him before he leaves at the end of the season and we end up with nothing. We need a young player that can run, play good defense, and take pressure off of Nash. Maybe acquire a SG or SF, no need for a superstar that will waste a bunch of salary cap. SUNS ALL THE WAY!!!

  • Saad Ali

    Please note this, Steve Nash is one of the best PGs of ALL TIME! SUPERSTARS will want to play with him. They know if they have someone like nash, they can win it all. If you’re trading Amar’e, think about getting a PF/C in return to cope with nash. If no trade, acquire SG/SF to really pull it all together. PLEASE NO MORE DRAMA LIKE THE SHAQ TRADE!!! SMART DECISIONS ARE WHAT WE NEED!! YOUNG TALENT, REBOUNDING, DEFENSE, ENERGYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

  • Jose Rodriguez

    I got a good answer to the trade talk let’s NOT trade anyone keep everybody that’s in Phoenix in Phoenix, let pur bench develop more take pressure off our starters and build chemistry…. look everyone everything went down hill when we got Shaq… We were the TOP seed in the West, that means we dropped five places… Shawn was dumb to think he was going to get paid that much, Kerr was dumb to trade him, they were also dumb when we wanted to be more defensive and we trade our top defender and a growing SF Boris was going to get to good things with us not anymore i like JRich and i’m a big fan of Jared but chemistry is big in the NBA and with the trade and all the talks it kinda makes it hard for the team to focus and play well together. Amare he is the best Post-up player we got he and Steve are dominant with the pick and roll, let’s not forget that he can shoot the mid range pretty well as well that opens up the offense guves everyone breathing room i know my productivity would be down if the team was thinking about trading me, we gotta be what we were when we were averaging 55-58 wins a FAMILY that comes with CHEMISTRY and how do you get chemistry is by allowing them to spend time to grow and be together adding people not trading that just sets us back keeping us from performing at our top level and farther from the big goal the TITLE look at the Lakers they kept alot of main people and slightly okay bench players and they are performing at there top level and being the elite team, so we should do the same starting now with NO MORE TRADES STEVE KERR!!!!

  • Melissa

    Well first of all this is from a person who has seen enough of all these trade options. The team isn’t going to get better if they are constantly trading guys every year. This team needs chemistry and good D. Gentry has to stress Defense because offense wins games not championships. The t-mac, wade and James deals are almost impossible without losing Amare. You can argue that he needs to improve, especially after getting one rebound against Dallas, but then again he sat out the 4th quarter. also everyone has some sort of a bad game, whether it is shooting, turnovers or rebounds. Additionally, try to get some sense into Amare because the only teams that would give him a max are teams such as NJ or Golden State, both of which are not playoff contenders. That won’t help him much in the future. He needs to play better D but then again he is still recovering from an injury. Injuries take a while to heal trust me i play basketball and i am constantly getting hurt. Also, if there were to be a trade you have to look at productivity and age. Nash and Hill are at one of their better seasons, while J-rich is hanging in there for the most part. LB was doing great before he got injured. You have to give the Brazilian Blur a chance, he brings a big spark off the bench and is a fan favorite. It isn’t his fault he got injured and can’t recover as quickly as everyone wants him to. The young players like Lopez and Dragic are doing great. Dudley and Lou bring a spark of Defense and excitement in the game. Clark and Griffin and Collins are the ones who either haven’t gotten a chance to prove themselves or are not going to be big in this franchise. Overall, you cant make a trade without losing key pieces to this team. It is pointless to make a trade to save money for the same exact reason. So if you really want to reconstruct this team wait until the end off the season. IF all goes well the suns have a spot in the playoffs. YOU HAVE GOT TO GIVE THIS TEAM A CHANCE TO PROVE THEMSELVES. I SAY NO TRADES UNTIL THE END OF THE SEASON.

  • John Carter

    Hello mr. kerr,
    Please try to trade j-rich and Amare for Brand and IGQUADALA
    I think we need to get rid of both Amare and J-Rich. We should trade JRich for “Andre Iguadala” from sixers. He is a good defender and will be good in a high tempo game. We should trade Amare for whatever we can. We should try to trade him to Sixers for “Elton Brand”. Now that would be a good team.
    Steve Nash / Goran Dragic
    Andre Igquadala /Leandro Barbosa
    Grant Hill /Jared Dudley
    Elton Brand /Louis Almundson
    Channing Frye /Robin Lopez
    Good defense and offense. Love to see that happen.

  • Rob

    I seriously hope you keep amare. Get another big to work with him. Work on defense and boxing out. The suns arent THAT bad. Just defense. Scoring isnt the problem.


    Get one more reliable BIG.

  • nick perta

    why dont you trade amare stoudamire for someone like rasheed wallace whos big and can score in the paint and from outside

  • http://pajdekmario@yahoo.com little nate

    Trade amare for CB4,and try to get b.lopez.Hill have experience but he is too old try trade him and LB too.
    We need some team who can be a championship.

  • brown

    trade steve nash and jason richardson for miami dwayne wade and q.richardson, and have dwayne wade running point guard,

    or trade Amare Stoudemire and barbosa for Josh smith and jamal crawford. think about it they bring defense and offense.
    steve nash wont have to do pick and roll all the time josh smith can create his own shots

  • brown

    trade grant hill, earl clark and j collins for kevin durant.
    we need and explosive small forward who can score.
    then trade amare stoudemire and leandro barbosa for josh smith and jamal crawford. then jason richardson and dragic for dwayne wade.

    this is the starters:
    jamal crawford
    kevin durant
    josh smith
    robin lopez

    dwayne wade
    jared dudley
    jos smith
    channing frye (he can spread the floor for josh smith, if they double team he can bust the three)

  • http://facebook Jeff Revier

    Mr. Kerr
    I really think u should look into trading jason richardson for micheal pietrius) not exactly sure how to spell that) that would hopefully take jason richardson’s terrible inconsistancy away and we would get a guy that is extreamly athletic, somebody who can hit the outside shot, and most importantly play terrific defense. I haven’t looked at their salaries but i think that trade would help out the suns tremendously. Thanks



  • Simon


    I’ve been a suns fan since Nash came to Suns. I am a big fan of both Nash and Amare. However, Amare seems not to improve a lot defensively and offensively, and he is gonna be a free agent after the seasonit would be a great idea to trade him for players who could help Suns better. For instances, trade him and J rich and LB to Knicks for Lee, Gallinari and Chandler or Harrington or Jordan Hill. Lee is a good player at both defensive and offensive ends. He would be the missing guy for the Suns. Also, trade Amare, J rich, and LB for Jamison, Butler, and Blatche. Or trade those three guys plus for Bosh, Bargnani.

  • Mark Kassir

    Possible trades:
    First of all I love Amare and Barbosa. But Barbosa is not the Barbosa of old anymore. Amare has no desire to defend and rebound. Lou Admundson has no offensive skills other than right under the hoop; he blocks shots, thats it.
    I can see Eark Clark starting as small forward in a year or so.
    *Barbosa and Lou to Portland for Jerryd Bayless. Bayless is an Arizona native just like Frye. He can shoot, defend, create his own shot, and is freakishly athletic. He would be a perfect fit to back up J-rich.
    *(THIS CAN VERY WELL HAPPEN AND SHOULD HAPPEN)Amare to the Knicks for David Lee and Jordan Hill and a 1st round pick. Lee could start as power forward and is a proven player in the league. Hill is an amare-type player and could be the backup power forward.
    Barbosa to Houston for T-Mac. Who knows? they might bite.
    Maybe Barbosa to the Thunder for James Harden.

    James Harden-bayless
    Grant hill-Earl Clark
    David Lee-Jordan Hill
    Robin Lopez-Frye

  • Chris

    Here’s my suggestion, try trading Amare to the Jazz for Mehmet Okur and Kyle Korver. The salaries work and I think it would work for both teams.

  • Steve B.

    We should get Raja Bell back!

  • Si Woo

    Just throwing my idea out there, but I think a great trade for the Suns would be with the Miami Heat.

    TRADE: Amare S, Jason Richardson, LB
    RECEIVE: D Wade, Michael Beasley
    (leave LB out if it has to be some other forward than Beasley)

    we get a starting forward and pg, and they get a power forward, pg, and backup pg.

  • Daniel

    If you saw how the Mavs played Thursday, you’ll realize that the Suns actually played some stifling defense in the last minutes.
    That was probably the first time I’ve seen that in a long time.
    You know why we lose so many games with leads? We get lackadaisical. Get a player that is willing to get in the face of other players and make them play real defense.

  • Suns fannnn

    We just need someone who can defense on players like Kobe and Lebron- the rebound isnt a really problem!! i think that we should take Manu Ginoblli, he can defense really good!!

  • Sunsmaniac

    Steve, I think Amare is great and you should trade jrich for tmac or dwane wade!!! nash will go great with dwane and so would amare. do wats best for the team and trade j-rich!

  • Sammy

    Amare should aim to change his S.T.A.T (standing tall and talented) to R.T.A.T ( rebounding tall and talented ). His 1 rebound in the game against Dallas was pathetic. His rebounding record is dismal compared to other per forwards. He does not post up or create his own scoring opportunity. He needs a Steve Nash to create easy shots for him. He is slow on rotations and just want to score and dunk on others. He is not emotionally and performance wise deserving of being paid a franchise player salary. He may be talented but that is all he is..talented… but he can’t back it up with maturity, consistency and hard work.

  • pancho

    If they trade Amare then they might as well trade Nash. there would be no point in keeping him if he doesn’t have a side kick. there’s really no one good that the suns can get for amare, but Amare isn’t the only problem with the suns. This team just doesn’t have the same chemistry it had in its NBA title contending days. So even if they trade any of their players they have now, that would only creat new problems.
    If the suns are going to trade key players, then they got to have them for the long hall.
    Here are some of my trade ideas:
    1.Nash to minnesota for ricky rubio and throw in players.
    2.Jrich and other players for Tmac.
    3. Amare for Golden state’s Curry,randolph,Ellis(if willing), and Azubuike.

  • Thomas

    Dear Mr. Kerr

    Some of these comments are hilarious, sorry you have to go through reading them (if you do).

    Personally I believe the weak links in our team are Amare and J-rich. Yes, it is true amare is a great player (not elite) but with him leading our franchise, we are going nowhere. I know there have been trade rumors with NJN, Bulls, and the heat and to be honest, none of them sound too good.

    maybe a 3-way could be nessecary, but to this point the NJN deal sounds the best.

    Amare for Yi + T williams + a handful of draft picks

    but i think your wonderful front office can find something better.

    To conclude, i think no one is untouchable in our team at the moment. and I recommend u guys trade him, but at the end of the day, i’m just a fan.

    Ur the GM

  • Jon

    For all the people saying give this team a chance, stop living in the past. This is not the same run n gun suns team as the past. Give this team a chance???

    GIVE this group a chance to do what? make the playoffs? this core will NEVER win a championship. our players are aging, and we gotta make a move fast.

    Amare is not a great player, steve nash makes him the player he is. no defense, bad hands and is turnover prone.

    I understand u guys hoping we stay positive, wait around, hold each others hands. but something has to happen. Look at the dallas game, without amare we were fine…..1 rebound.? really?
    i’M just saying, this team is too inconsistent, we need to bring DEFENSE into this franchise.
    if that means trading, then do it, i don’t believe anyone is untouchable (except for dragic)

  • jose

    j-rich for dwade much better player you know that

  • chares

    i would love to see nash wade amare

  • Brian

    I keep seeing T-Mac’s name for J Rich… thats a huge mistake hes a good player but he’s injury prone and too old. Im thinking draft. NBA players play too often and dont play defense watch a couple college games you’ll see what im saying. All you can hope for is a couple stops at the end of the 4th in tight games. Get some young/hungry blood in here like Lopez and in a couple years we’re right back in it. Trading Amare for anything less than a max contract player is a mistake so pay him and lets get on with the season…

  • henry

    dont trade amare keep him

    he is one of our best players if guys want a defensive minded player who can rebound trade j-rich and barbosa for one

    but dont trade amare or you will regret it

  • Nathan

    You saw the win against rockets, Amare can still be great.
    Unless we get A really good deal that will improve us currently and for the future, keep him.

    by that i mean a good defensive player and a handful or draft picks for 2010 and future.

    unless a good deal, keep him

  • micheal

    Kerr, give it until the end of this roadtrip to make a decision.

    maybe we can prove something…or further prove we are no way near elite

  • victor

    I am a big fan of Amar’e and to see him leave will be a huge upset for me. He is and will never be a good defensive player but he is the best offensive one. Until the playoffs he will reach 110%, leandro will probably be back and the suns will reach the semis at least. In the next season Lopez will be a lot better in defense and if the suns get a good defensive player in the front court from the draft and also a cheap but good in defense C in the free agency we are golden. Also I think J-Rich should be traded for some young players in the backcourt or some draft pick because he is paid too much for what he provides. I guess what I am trying to do here is give you an alternative so you do not trade Amar’e, he is the best along with steve( btw goran will be fit to cover nash in 1 or 2 years).

  • Tank

    i would prefer to leave this group as it or if kerr is desesperte to make a move, take away j-rich. he continues to struggle in both ends. i was very mad when he left ariza shoot that swagger today. come on!, allow him go to the rim and foul him before the shot. we had a foul to give!! lucky we came away with the W in houston.
    there are many trades that are thrown into this blog that are incredible stupid. take t.mac, he is a an aging problematic player, why would we want to get him, he is a problem for houston, so, let`s not give them a solution.
    i keep hearing about a trade involing NJN…that would be a another disapointd news to hear if it`s done. that trade would be done only to save money, come on!, do someone really thinks that any player from the team that its heading to have the worst record in nba history its going to help us?
    i think not.
    let`s develop our own group. we need to believe that this team can make a nice push into the playoffs, start to make more defensive plays and, i think we can beat anyone in the west from 2-8 seed.
    so my bottom line is, dont trade amare, i think he`ll give up and understand that he is not a max contract and will sign an extension with our team.


  • Hugh

    if amare is told to really put effort into his defense and boards, he can be deadly.
    he dosen’t average enough points cause HE DOES NOT get enough touches.

    steve nash is too dominant on the ball, he should go to a stockton role. let amare be the main piece, inside out game is more deadly. go to stevie nash at a few times and in the clutch.

    don’t trade him, unless i’m wrong. lets c how it goes on this road trip

  • Clark

    so s.t.a.t can score. freak andre miller dropped 52 the other night. anybody can score in this league and that’s all that stoudemire does. take away nash, then amare will have to work to score. get rid of his lazy defense and pathetic rebounding skills. suns beat the mavs with him on the bench in crunch time. send him to utah for boozer if possible then in the offseason get rid of richardson like we did with the whole brian grant’s contract and draft pick for money thing. Then make a push for one of these big named free agents like bosh. Imagine having bosh and boozer crashing the boards and defending the paint. just like that suns would be huge and tough to score on. should have traded amare back in the day when K.G. was up for grabs. amare, marcus banks and a draft pick or 2 (earl clark?)for garnett. missed out on that one… amare can only score. rebound=no, defense=no, turnovers=alot and gets injured. forget about him. boozer can score, not as much but do everything else a lot better. or jamison or lee

  • mkdo

    i think we should try to trade for iguodala but we are gonna need to sacrifice dudley, barbosa and the struggling richardson for that
    try this:
    we send dudley, richardson, and barbosa for iguodala, willie green and lou williams

    our lineup will be
    pg:nash>>>>>>>>>lou williams(he could eventually turnover)
    sf:hill>>>>>>>clark(dudley’s departure will help this rookie)

    it works financially and it will improve our defense without sacrificing offense.

    i think iguodala is the one player that we really need because he can run and defend and way too athletic

  • mkdo

    i think we should try to trade for iguodala but we are gonna need to sacrifice dudley, barbosa and the struggling richardson for that
    try this:
    we send dudley, richardson, and barbosa for iguodala, willie green and lou williams

    our lineup will be
    pg:nash>>>>>>>>>lou williams(he could eventually turnover)
    sf:hill>>>>>>>clark(dudley’s departure will help this rookie)

    it works financially and it will improve our defense without sacrificing offense.

    i think iguodala is the one player that we really need because he can run and defend and way too athletic.

    philly is open for trades
    forget about those other unrealistic trades.and NEVER TRADE AMARE.he’s the sole offense of the team right now

  • rodrigo

    Don’t spend any money on whats left of the season. Insted look foward to the next season and make some space for one of the big time free agents; Joe Johnson, D-Wade, L.James, D.Lee, C.Bosh, C.Boozer, ect. Someone who can play some defense and/or get some rebounds. Let this season be the way is going right now and wait to improved next season.
    “Great things come for those who wait.”

  • mkdo

    another trade scanario

    we give up
    barbosa(does not do anything other than scoring)
    dragic(can’t play pg)
    dudley(impedes development of clark)

    gadzuric(defensive canter and agile)
    hakim warrick(can play both forward positions)
    joe alexander(see if he’s worth being a lottery pick)
    luke ridnour(decent back up PG)
    charlie bell(good player hehe)

    sg:hill>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>charlie bell
    pf:amare:>>>>>>>>>amundson>>>>>frye(he’s a nice 6th man)

    we’ll give up some shooting but this will be a defensively tough and gritty squad

  • mkdo

    another scenario

    we send:
    frye(im sorry to do this trade)
    dudley(well someone’s gonna get some room for CLARK)

    to clippers for:
    jordan(length and can score)
    rasual butler(brings defense and decent offense + athleticism)

    lineup will be

    sf:hill>>>>>>>clark(finally second string)

    this trade addresses our defensive porblems without sacrificing much offense

  • mkdo

    we send:

    to kings for:
    martin(could be the next joe johnson)
    nocioni(can defend multiple positions)
    donte green(nice potential on both off and def)

    rotation will be

  • http://blogs.suns.com/2010/01/4169/ Shea Trisoliere

    Getting D. Wade would solidify the suns a a legit contender for the title, but with Kerr and Sarver in office i dont think thats going to happen. If they we smart the could get alot for J Rich and LB. We would need to pick up another big man though even if we acquired D. Wade. Amare should be where he belongs at the PF position. If we picked up a guy like Camby or a Tyson Chandler. They can rebound and defend with the best of them. Even consider trading C. Frye, he is to inconsistant and is hit or miss. This would be a for sure contender with:

    PG: Nash
    SG: D. Wade
    SF: Hill, Dudley
    PF: Amare
    C: Camby and or Chandler
    Reserves: Frye,Lopez,Dragic,Clark,Amundson

    Who doesnt like that? Sarver and Kerr you trade Amare, your fools. Make a move to better the team not destroy it.

  • Howard Wharton

    I think that the suns need some defensive players. Defense wins championships and we don’t have that. Whe have an explosive offense but not a defense. I suggest getting Tracy Mcgrady for leandro barbosa possibly. I would love to see Lebron on the suns if he dosen’t win a championship with the Cavs but I doubt that. I just suggest we look for some defensive players and look for good draft picks.

  • mark

    this is the best trade for the suns. we got two options, rebound and defense or scoring and steals.
    this what we need to do: trade amare and barbosa for josh smith and jamal crawford. josh smith bring mad defense, scoring and rebound. jamal crawford will bring scoring(20-30 pts) and steals.
    OR we trade jason richardson, robin lopez and j collins <-he suck just to let you know FOR…TYSON CHANDLER and stephen jackson…they bring defense scoring also they rebound.

    stephen jackson is a taller defender then jason richardson score better then him, and also rebound and block shots.

  • brown

    if we get derrick rose we will have a amazing point guard. now what i mean by that is we will have a young point guard who do exactly what steve nash do, the only thing we will have to work with him is his free throws.

    trade to get josh smith and jamal crawford FOR….amare stoudamire and barbosa.

    IF THAT TRADE CANT HAPPEN TRY TO GET: dwayne wade FOR JASON RICHARDSON AND J.COLLINS. D-WADE bring killer offense and for a lil man he can block shots like a big man, also he can dunk on big mans(dont make me bring up what d-wade did to varejao)

  • brown

    this is the best lineup i can think of: (THIS IS A 3 WAY TRADE)
    LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS get: jason richardson, taylor griffin and j collins.
    PHOENIX SUNS GET: ricky davis, al thornton, chris kaman and andre iguodala.

    PHILADELPHIA 76ERS GET: barbosa and earl clark and jared dudley.


    this would be the suns lineup:
    pg:nash….gorgan dragic
    sg:andre iquodala…..ricky davis
    sf:grant hill….al thornton
    pf: amare stoudamire….channing frye
    c: chris kaman…..robin lopez


  • mark

    I kelenna azubuike is a great player so keep him in mind also.

  • mark

    a if we do a trade with the nets try to get their first round pick, and if they hive us their first round pick trade steve nash, for a ok point gaurd and a dominating big man
    and when draft night come get john wall as point guard, and keep him and help him on becoming a point guard like steve nash,derrick rose, or rajan rondo.

  • johan gustafsson

    Danilo Gallinari and david lee and a 1 round pick for amare… =)

    But i fink that we need to trade amare for a good pick because we nead better young player… and try to trade for ricky rubio… trade goran dragic, robin lopes and our pick for rubio and one more to make the money work…

  • Nathan

    trade J-rich, he plays baddd defense. i mean ariza killed him yesterday.
    he chucks up stupid shots, inconsistent.


  • blackninja621

    Trade 1:
    Jrich and L.B for wade if not accepted try amare for wade

    Trade 2:
    Amare for Bosh

    Trade 3:
    Amare for nowitski

    Trade 4:
    Jrich and L.B for josh smith and Jamal crawford if not accepted try amar and jrich for smith and crawford


  • Ramos

    I think we can stay with Amare he need help to score the ball if he have this help he will be fine. And trade players like:
    Barbosa(He dont play like the old’s day)
    Dragic (He dont really is the best sub to Nash every day every Night)
    Hill (He plays nice but he is old and someday is done)
    J-Rich (Inconsistence)
    With this 4 players we found some good players like Butler, Brand, Hirinch, maybe T-Mac, Camby, Posey or Ray Allen……
    What do you think?????

  • Eli H

    Hey, ultimately what I think is best for the suns is to keep Amare. He is young he has a lot of talent and he has proven that many times. Although he may want out of Pheonix which is a huge possibility and frankly I don’t blame him. I feel like 2 or 3 years ago when we traded Marion it totally slowed down the team. He was fast defensive minded and could do well at any position whether it was grabbing rebounds or bringing the the ball up the court and getting some assists he did it all. My point is, is that we need another Marion to please Amare or we could use some height maybe trade Barborsa in a trade for a guy like Boozer who has a nice outside touch yet grabs around 10 a game,

    Thanks for you’re time.

  • aj diaz.pr.

    trade jrich,barbosa,clark and collins no matter ,bring lee or noa or varejao someone that can play hard 48 minutes. a new coach, how team always winning by 20 points con loose so many games.

  • Nicholas

    get tracy mcgrady :)

    trade: barbosa & lopez

  • Sean

    Dear Mr. Kerr

    I have followed the suns my whole life.
    You have played and managed your whole life.
    Everyone knows chemistry is hard to come by in a team.
    The lakers have it, celtics have it, and We HAVE IT!!!!
    Lets not disrupt a good thing. The suns can play defense, they have shown that. With chemistry and points like they are putting up, they can play like champions and become champions. DO NOT sabotage the best chance the Suns have had to being in the finals in the last 5 years! Remember how this team was epic in the beginning of the season, well they are hitting that note again. Believe in the chemistry we got. Bring in some motivational speakers or something, don’t mess up a championship caliber team. We can play. Let this season play out and I know we all will love the results.

  • Kosta

    Why do I think that all this trade talk will be a waste of time and you will never trade anybody? lol
    If you do it, then do it faaaast! :O

  • Josh

    Keep Amare! The Suns have pulled out of their slump and are rolling again. There is no reason to disrupt that for a trade where we know that we won’t get full value for STAT. Amare has proven year in and year out that he is continuing to improve and work hard (ie. outside jump shot, better post moves, and now defense). I do not feel he deserves a max salary, but he is definitely worth a 4 year 72 million dollar contract. He is a good teammate, a good person, and is motivated to get better. Why wouldn’t you want to rebuild around him?? What’s the worst case scenario?? we make a run in the playoffs this year and he walks and we treat him as an expiring contract for cap space in the summer of 2010.

  • André

    I cannot figure out how trading Amar’e is gonna be good for the Suns. He is a well-deserved All-Star, one of the greastest of his generation. Do not trade him!
    Best regards.

  • Sean M.

    Here is the best idea of all! Trade Steve Kerr for Jerry West. Or better yet, dump Steve Kerr and BEG Jerry West to come here. Look at Memphis..they are improving and its all because Jerry West knew how to manage, and draft for a team. Jerry West MADE the Lakers. We could find a more suitable job to give Steve Kerr..perhaps a job within the organization…maybe “Towel Boy” or better yet, stadium custodian..we need someone who can clean up after the mess he has left us these past years….

  • david b.

    steve nash—-dragic
    stat———-trade someone
    lopez———frye or he could play pf

    let s start by this. first lets keep some of the line up, trade j rich,the reason for trading rich is that he has not done nothing for this team, his always in a bad game he cant score or defened so trade him. get someone worth it someone who is good and has defence but not alot.(remember if suns start doind a defence its meeses there offence just like last year. then try getting a big,tough center like collin but someone who cant score and play more someone who has defence that could stop players like howard shaq ming exct..

  • Suaromon Payne

    Time to be realistic, and get Jason Richardson out of the line up. He’s a good player but not what we need… How about Michael Redd, J.R Smith, or maybe Raja Bell ( who should have never been traded in the first place). You can even throw Clark in the trade also… If it were up to me I wouldn’t consider trading Amare, he has over come so much, and still gets better. He’s going to be a great player. Just about every player that Suns traded/ released since the great starting five of Nash, Richardson, Johnson, Marion, and Stat, has surpassed us (Suns). They now play for great teams like Atlanta, Dallas, up and coming Bobcats, etc. My point is, stop giving away our talent for nothing, I’m still trying to get over the Bell/ Diaw trade. Anyway, the focus should be on the future, and that means trade Jason Richardson. You can even consider Kurt Hinrich, he’s great at the 1 or 2 guard, and can play defense. There are so many options when making this trade, and any GM would think the same…

  • mark

    please get d-wade. he is the answer on all of this. d-wade is the best choice in this stage. thnx

  • Matt M

    As a suns and a heat fan there is no way Dwyane Wade will be traded for Jason Richardson. There is also talk in Miami Amare for Jermaine oneal that will never happen either

  • Sebastian

    We cant trade j-rich for t-mac why its simple HIS CAREER IS FINISHED HE IS NOT A TEAM PLAYER, HE HASNT PLAYED THAT MANY GAMES THIS YEAR, the suns need another, new, young player that can replace steve nash so that when he retires they have a backup PG, thats why we should go for stephen curry, amazing shooter could get better passes but can be a perfect fit for the suns. also maybe we can figure out some way to get hummm, idk those the name RICKY RUBIO, excellent passing another good fit for the suns. and if you want to trade amare you should trade him for CB4. I don’t think that CB4 is going to be staying with the Raptors any longer so why not trade him for a good player like amare who can grab boards for Toronto and can be VERY aggressive, and thats wat the raptors need. CB4 could be a very good for the sune because he can run, shoot, be aggressive. He will fit the suns program, game perfectly, and i know Cb4 like hte sun and gun. They got Channing Frye because he is a great 3 point shooter which is great for the suns. basically anybody that can shoot 3s and are big would be a perfect fit for the suns. CB4, Andrea Bargnani, they need those young players now that the old ones are starting to retire soon. they need to get all around big men because that allows a lot of versatile on the court. And gives the team so many options on the court. like pick and roll 3 pointer. pick and roll top of the key shot. is they can shoot and be agressive they can basicaly dominte the court and be able to confuse the Defense.

  • Navid J.

    I cant beleive so many people want amare gone. I’m a hardcore phoenix fan from outside the U.S and I love all the players that play for the suns including Amare. He is great! nobody in the NBA is more efficient than him in pick ‘n roles and dunks off assists. I think they should try and extend his contract, and also get a decent center who can defend.

  • http://www.facebook.com arcywafu


  • http://yahoo.com krov

    please steve!!!!!!!!!!!! dont LET AMARE BE TRADED!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nico

    how about trading amare stoudermire 2 philadelphia for andre iguodola and jason kapono

  • http://www.nba.com Pajdo

    dont trade amare and nash.

  • http://href=title= harold carag

    ……..trade jrich.amundsond.dudley to dwade or get wallace of bobcats….dont ever trade amare

  • Mark Kassir

    Lets get Jerryd Bayless, Andre Igodala, James Harden, Chase Budienger, richard Jefferson, eddie house. Lets get our Arizona players back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ethan

    We need to KEEP Amare. He is the only one who the team can turn to. If we are down 20 ppoints, Amare can get us back into it. However, we do need to trade Richardson. He does not have any chemistry with the rest of the team. He is selfish with fast breaks. He single-handily lets other teams back in with his non-stop turnovers. He should be traded for Ray Allen since the Celtics are looking to trade him. With Allen the Suns would improve tremendously. Another consistent shooting guard who has a 90% FT record would be a huge contribution.

  • Thomas Kim

    I’ve been hearing rumors that Amare for iggy and dalembert?

    Now I might be lacking the right info, but why would we want those guys with their HUGE contracts?
    and dalembert? low Iq, and personally Lopez could become something special. Don’t want dalembert slowing him down.
    iggy is okay..but we already got dudley, hill and clark. he could play SG, but we’re stacked with barbosa, richardson and dragic (combo guard)

    and amare is worth more then those two players.
    just my 2 cents.

    plz don’t do that trade

  • nico20

    trade amare for iggy and kapono

  • Tally

    If you trade AMARE, then the SUNS will lose fans, and will not be worth watching. There will be no power dunks, which by the way, is utterly entertaining. Robin Lopez is too young too carry this suns team to a championship!!!!!!! Do the right thing KERR!!!!

  • Cody D!!!

    This is what needs to go down…

    Trade amare to cleveland for Verajao and 1st round pick (which is really like a second round pick coming from the cavs) That clears salary cap and grabs a better defender in Varajao. Then…Sign D-Wade aka flash! Nash, Wade, Hill, Varajao and Lopez. Bench richardson dragic frye… Give me a better 8 man roster

  • james

    all the suns need is just one dominant or strong center without trading nash, amare and hill.

  • jason

    if we could get Lebron James for Amare, J-Rich and Clark then we would be much better off

  • Steve

    I say trade Amare for young very nice big man like Marc Gasol. Ive noticed Amare doesnt really stick around the post much, i see him go into the paint only when somebody drives to the basket, otherwise he doesnt really post up as much as a big man should. This is a big reason why Suns were dominant when Marion was around and then when he left, the Suns felt like they missed something. Marion was a high flying dominant inside presence. Frye can open up the game a bit and has a sweet outside shot, and Marc Gasol can defend, rebound, score and he’s very young which is a big +++++

    Due to salaries, it wont work, but i bet you can get one or two overpriced contracts that the Griz might want to get rid of, and maybe cash and/or a 2nd round pick included in the deal. Im sure Suns can get more than that because Amare is an established star and Marc is up and coming, and not established so his value is a lot lower even though he shows great promise.

    I BET you Marc will do great, hes young enough to keep up with the fast pace and strong enough to take reigns of the post. Shaq is too bulky and aging that was the problem with bringing Shaq.

    Oh, and if Suns get Beasley for Amare that would be AWESOME.

    Another option is to GET MARION BACK. I think Suns have underestimated him A LOT.

  • Amitpal Bains

    Listen guys amare isn’t the real problem. The real problem is we don’t play team defense. Boston won cause they played good team defense. If we can keep an oppent under one hundred we would be one of the best team in the nba. We have the best 3 quarter offense but don’t have that 4th quarter guy. If we can get Andre Iguadala for J Rich we are going to be a great team if they can just play good team defense. I think we need a Terry Potter as a defensive coach and Alvin Gentry as offense. Terry was doing the right thing just didn’t have the right team. J Rich needs to go and a guy who can play 1 on 1 offense has to come. No T-Mac though. Nothing towards t mac. He is one of my favorite player but injury have hurt him. Steve Nash as the captain you have to make sure your team plays Defense. You are my favorite player and the suns are my favorite team but it pissies me off when you guys don’t play defense. Please play defense. And Kerr get andre iguadala. We rid of J Rich.

  • garner

    trade barbousa for marion!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and trade j-rich for iguadala!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and if they are declined then trade away draft picks
    get some more expirenece then you can draft

  • garner

    plz don’t trade nash or amare eer or i will hate you and i will just watch where ever they go

  • Garner

    DO NOT TRADE NASH!!!!!!!!!
    trade j-rich for marion we need his speed
    and also DO NOT TRADE STAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://valleyofthesuns.com Amare Stoudemire Trade Rumors

    Kerr and Griffin must sure be busy these days. I still think it would be best for Amare to sign a reasonable extension, but if not I’m kind of liking the Philly rumor.