We have been wheelin’ and dealin’ on the TV broadcasts this season. Hopefully the fans are enjoying this new wrinkle as much as we are!

Elliot “Socks” Perry was a Valley fan favorite in his two stops with the Suns (1993-96, 2000-01).
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Over the past summer, producer Bob Adlhoch and I discussed the possibility of swapping analysts while we are on the road. It would give us the opponents’ perspective while allowing those teams to experience the knowledge and personality of Thunder Dan and EJ.

It’s not exactly a novel approach in televised sports. I see it all the time with baseball broadcasts. But it is fairly groundbreaking in the NBA arena. And it has been embraced by all our participants and the NBA office. In fact, now other teams around the league are making the “TV Trade!”

We have been graced by some wonderful personalities. My favorite so far was Elliot “Socks” Perry while we were in Memphis on MLK Day. Socks is just beginning his broadcasting career on the radio side, but I thought he really sparkled with us! He thoroughly enjoyed (as we did) talking about his days with Charles and the Suns. He nearly jumped out of his courtside seat when he saw himself blowing past Scottie Pippen in some old-school highlights we played. He was so pumped after the game; he came over and asked for a copy of the show for his resume reel!

We also had a pair of Clydes: Drexler (in Houston) and Frazier (in New York). Two Hall of Famers who really added a nice perspective on Nash’s opportunity to someday enter the Hall as well. Both resoundingly said Nash is a lock! I also loved the “Clydeisms” that Frazier spewed while in the Garden.

Johnny “Red” Kerr joined us in Chicago. He was the Suns first-ever head coach and had some good stories about the early days including the famed “coin toss.” Tommy Heinsohn supplied his gravelly tones and unique analysis while we were in Boston. Ron Boone sat alongside recently in Phoenix during the loss to the Jazz. He was actually an 11th round draft pick of the Suns before their first season in 1968.

Which brings me to the only negative… Every time we make the trade, the Suns seem to go into a coma! Maybe it’s a coincidence, or maybe it’s because Nash is always on the bench to begin the 2nd quarter when we make the switch.

Either way, we’ll probably keep it up. Hope you’re all enjoying this fresh approach!

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