Baseball's Justin Morneau and the Suns' Steve Nash. Courtesy of Brad G. Faye/

Minnesota Twins All-Star first baseman (and NBA fan) Justin Morneau was a recent guest at a Suns home game, courtesy of friend and fellow British Columbia native, Steve Nash.

“Steve’s creative,” said Morneau after the game, “and that makes him fun to watch. When you think there’s no play, he makes something out of nothing a lot. For not being a big guy, he has no trouble going into those tight areas and making big shots.

“You can see whenever anything out of the ordinary occurs on the court, he pulls his team away from it. It’s easy to get caught up in mayhem out there, and you need someone to calm down the troops. That’s what a leader does. He settles people down, leads by example and says all the right things, too.”

No stranger to spending his baseball off-seasons working out in the Valley, the four-time MLB American League All-Star and 2006 A.L. MVP had plenty to enjoy when it came to watching the two-time NBA MVP and his squad at work.

“It’s great to be able to be here and just sit and watch the game,” Morneau said. “Enjoy it, and take it all in. Having somebody pretty good to cheer for doesn’t hurt, either. Us B.C. boys have to stick together.”

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