I know it’s a bold statement, but Vince Carter’s dunk in the 2000 Olympics (see above) had to be the best of all-time. Think about it.

Before that slam, dunks were argued by how well a player dunked “on” someone. Carter changed the argument to how well a player dunked “over” someone.

Unfortunately, that person happened to be Frederic Weis: a 7-2 center out of France that will forever be immortalized on basketball posters all over the globe.

Since that dunk receives the No. 1 ranking, I decided to make a Top 5 list of the next-best in-game dunks from YouTube videos that didn’t have cursing, were under a minute long and weren’t transferred using a beat-up VCR.

Please enjoy the “Vince Carter’s Greatest Hits.”

5. “Half-Man Half-Amazing” Reverse-Dunks Over Chris Mullin

In 1999, when Carter performed this dunk, video games couldn’t do this. Vince Carter actually caused the NBA Live creators to change their technology.

Now I don’t think that the previous statement is true, but it seems like it could be, which makes Carter’s exploits that much more impressive.

4. “Air Canada” Takes Off Over Dikembe Mutombo

Carter didn’t wag his finger at Dikembe, but no one would’ve questioned him if he did.

3. Carter Makes Alonzo Mourn His Decision to Jump

The worst part of it was that poor Alonzo Mourning had a second helping of an equally ridiculous dunk from Carter during the days of the Heat-Nets rivalry. Click here to see Mourning as a victim on another spectacular slam.

2. Carter Throws Down Over Ben Wallace

Apparently, NBA players don’t get cable. When Carter jumps in the air, anyone who has cable and watches regular sports highlights, knows the result of when he takes flight.

Or maybe they forget. I don’t know, but here’s the result. (Look where he takes off from!) Slow-mo really does this one justice.

1. Carter Goes Dunkin’ Over Duncan

Anything that gets this high in the air should have a stewardess on it.

If I’ve missed any better in-game dunks from “Vinsanity,” feel free to tweet them out to @PhoenixSuns with a link to them.

  • Roi Ben Yehuda

    There is no doubt that VC is best dunker the game has yet to see. In his prime he was the rare combination of pure athleticism, power and creativity. There is a pretty strong consensus on this subject. Even Kobe, not one to dish compliments to fellow players, agrees: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnjvAKIoWOs

    As far as best dunks i think you missed at least one of these:


    Having said that, VC is more than just a dunker, and at this stage of his career (even though he can still rise to the occasion) Suns fans should expect more down-to-earth heroics. But trust me, the man is still amazing. something like 2/3 man, 1/3 amazing. Give him a little time and you will be on board.

  • some

    You have to make a TOP 10 for VC if you really want to do some justice to him. Because his all great dunks can be changed to each other.

  • alex ochoa


  • Jojo R

    This is AWESOME!!!!..very nice compilation you made! I’m from Toronto and followed Vince ever since his rookie years.

    He’s just a great player and a good ambassador too – helping kids to reach their dreams.

    No doubt about that Vince is one of the best players in the NBA. Thouhj injuries (just like anobody) limits his confidence. But I believe he still got the final PUSH on his career to show spectacular moves. Vote for him on the ALL STAR…Thanks again for the compilation… you know what bring attention!!!

  • JAS

    Not much left to write about now that our Suns have hit the skids so were dredging up old Vince Carter dunks? Come on guys, granted, he was almost a superstar but that time is long gone. Carter is now a poor mans JRich, same for Pietras who is Amare without the numbers. As I have said numerous times, nice try Suns ownership but you can only fool the people for so long and your time is up.

  • gibz

    hey what about VC over that Blazers Center?(08-09)
    that was sick!!!…and over Lebron?(04-05)???

    but sorry to break it up to you guys,VC is done.

  • Ben

    Well I would suggest watching any Maxamillion711 videos if you want VC highlights/dunks. A good example of this:


    He also has a top 10 Windmill dunks worthy of watching….


    How about game winners?


    360 layups? You must watch these two!!:


    I mean i could go on and on. Vince was and still is at times a very exciting player who can get you 20 points which is pretty valuable for NBA teams. Some of the stuff he’s done is just unbelievable. He also has one of the furthest range in the NBA. Type in half court shot Vince Carter in Youtube and you will see what I mean. He is only really effective as the main offensive guy though. If the Suns really want to take advantage of his talent they must give him the ball often in post ups and pick and rolls. Vince is really unselfish and usually good things happen when you give him the ball often. They do have the best Canadian player to ever play the game already though and he needs to have the ball in his hands at all times pretty much.
    Hopefully Vince and Nash really find a way to mesh and Nash brings Carter back to his Haydays!
    That would be fun to watch.
    Cheers everyone and enjoy the highlights to come!

    Oh and the best game I have EVER watched is the game Vince came back to Toronto as a member of the New Jersey Nets and got booed the whole game and dropped like 40 on them including the game winning three point shot at the buzzer. He also did it again another time only this time he had the game tying three pointer in regulation and the game winning reverse alley-oop dunk in overtime. !!!

  • Raffy_z

    You missed the one where VC just craps over Nocioni. I still watch that play every couple of months. SICK.

  • LZ

    VC is the best in-game dunker of all time! period.
    and yes along the years…the injuries…he can’t do it any more…
    In my opinion he should’ve stayed in New Jersey and retire there. No offence to the Suns. But here he doesen’t get the ball as much, cuz Steve has it all the time :D and Vince isn’t an off-ball player type

  • chris

    This one against lakers is also one of my all time favorites from Vince.

  • Zach
  • Spike

    He is the best of the best…! Wish I could see more of those awesome dunks. Like jojo r, im also a huge fan of vc since his time in toronto. Vote for him everyone.

  • Золбоо

    Сайн байцгнаана уу?He’s the best one ever!!! Just watch all of dunkers videos,then u’ll feel the difference.VC’s dunks are just awesome.Half man half amazing.And now just give him a ball very often,he knows what to do.Some guys who tell he’s gone, no u’re gone.He’s still powerful.Good luck Vinsanity.I’m your one of the biggest fan of the World.I’am Mongolian.I’m watching and waiting your amazing dunks and moves everytime.