(Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images)

The Phoenix Suns have been nominated for “Best Valley Sports Team” based on voting conducted by Arizona Foothills Magazine! The voting has started and runs through November.

Not only are the Suns up for recognition as the “Valley’s Best,” but the Suns Dancers are nominated for “Best Dance/Cheer Team” and the Phoenix Suns Charities Suns & Stars Gala is competing for “Best Annual Gala.” The Suns’ competition in the “Best Valley Sports Team” category consists of the Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Mercury, Rattlers and Coyotes.

So don’t wait any longer, click here to vote for our Suns as the best team in the Valley!

Next, don’t forget to click here to vote for the Suns Dancers as the No. 1 dance/cheer team in the Valley.

Last but not least, click here to vote for the Phoenix Suns Charities Suns & Stars Gala as the Valley’s “Best Gala.”

  • JAS

    In my humble opinion it’s not even a contest. Suns win hands down. Giving the upmost respect to the Mercury’s championship season and the Cardinals “almost” year, we Arizona fans have had little to hang our hats on since the Diamonbacks impossible comeback championship over the evil empire. Thank goodness we have had the always entertaining Suns to provide a thrill, even though that may end this season. You have to admit our Suns have made it interesting for along time. Add the bonus of watching the Suns dancers who are the best in the NBA. Now if we could only get someone with alot of cash and the last name of Sarver to convince a certain Carmello to play forward in the “sun” are dreams of a championship to go along with the title of most entertaining NBA team just might happen.