Most likely, the Suns are going to be either the 5th seed and will face the PMah Jazz or will stay in the 6th seed and play the Lakers. My question to you today is: Who would you rather face?

With every team in the West as strong as it is this season, is there a “good” matchup for the Suns? Is there a team you would rather see Phoenix play in the first round? I don’t know that I have a preference between the Lakers and the Jazz. They are both tough teams. Here is a breakdown of some numbers for both teams.

Suns vs Los Angeles Lakers in 2007-08
Record: 1-3
Field Goal Percentage: 48%
Rebounds: 41
Points per Game: 111

Suns vs PMah Jazz in 2007-08
Record: 1-2
Field Goal Percentage: 44%
Rebounds: 40
Points per Game: 102

Based on those stats, maybe it would be better to face the Lakers? The teams only faced each other once with their current lineups. The Suns have greatly improved since that last game. But then again, so have the Lakers.

Give me your thoughts on a potential matchup below. But explain your reasoning! I’m curious to see what Suns fans think about potential matchups.

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