The Suns acquired rookie point guard Sean Singletary from the Rockets in a trade for D.J. Strawberry. Here’s why I like the addition, reasons listed alphabetically:

A – as in Assists. Sean’s a true point guard, raised in a city known for their great point guards, Philadelphia. He’s been running offenses since he picked up a basketball. He knows how to find guys on the court, and he’s not scared of going to the basket, taking punishment, and dishing off. For all his many gifts, D.J. just wasn’t going to become a real point guard. Now the Suns have real depth at the position, which will come in handy as Goran Dragic learns the NBA way. Yes, Singletary is unproven in the league as well, but he’s played against NBA talent during college and in the off-seasons – and done well.

B – as in Best, as in Singletary played in the best college basketball conference in the country, the ACC (so did D.J., by the way). He ran his team against Duke and North Carolina four times a year. He knows pressure atmospheres and hostile crowds – it doesn’t get any rougher than playing on those teams’ home floors…in college or in the pros.

C – as in Courage. Singletary is not a big guy – he’s six feet tall. But he’ll throw his body into the paint and go chest-to-chest on defense. Whatever it takes. He doesn’t use his size as an excuse…Instead, he maximizes his quickness.

D – stands for both Defense and Distribution. Sean knows he’s not in Phoenix to score points. In fact, being a point guard, he’s probably salivating at all the weapons he’ll have a chance to feed. I myself am having giddy visions of Singletary-to-Barnes alley-oops off the break. But when Singletary improves his field-goal percentage, and he has quite a bit already, he’ll be that much more dangerous a weapon. In the meantime, he’ll content himself to be a pest on D, troubling opponents’ bench PGs and generating turnovers to lead to those drool-worthy alley-oops.

E – Energy, energy, energy. The Suns’ bench is now complete, and their second unit should provide the electricity the Suns need to maintain their position when Nash, Shaq, STAT and the gang take their breaks. It’s a crew of young, hungry, smart guys who know their roles…exactly what you want a bench to be.

F – Finance. Swapping D.J. for Sean doesn’t save the Suns a ton of money, but it does save them some, and that’s important, and they got a player of equal or better quality in return.

Is Sean Singletary going to see a ton of minutes? No. Is he going to learn a ton and be ready to contribute if and when he’s needed? You bet. Are the Suns going to be happy they did this deal? I definitely think so. And I think Suns fans will be happy also.

* * *
A final note: Condolences to Suns Coach Terry Porter, Blazer fans and NBA fans in general on the loss of former Blazers center Kevin Duckworth. He gave the Suns a lot of grief in the years of the great Suns-Blazers rivalry, with his unorthodox shot and ability to pull our big men out of the lane. He was a perfect fit for the Blazer team, and by all accounts, a really nice guy.

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