Sometimes you find out unique things about your favorite athletes from odd places. We learned Kareerm Abdul Jabbar could act from the movie Airplane. If it weren’t for reality television, we wouldn’t know that Jerry Rice could dance or just how out there Jose Canseco really is. Because of Twitter and JMZ, we learned Jared Dudley makes a pretty good cameraman.

Over the years we’ve learned a lot about Steve Nash from interesting places. If it weren’t for YouTube, we probably wouldn’t know about his zany sense of humor. If it weren’t for ESPN’s documentary series 30-for-30, we may never have seen his series filmmaking side. Now, thanks to clips that were left on the cutting room floor from a new ad campaign by Dove, we’ve gotten even more insight into the mind of the Suns’ assist master. Oh, and maybe the greatest Nash quote of all-time.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but Nash has been a sports fanatic since a time when the only dribbling he did involved saliva and a bottle. What is interesting is the fact that the first word Nash ever spoke involved sports.

It seems fitting that the self proclaimed football soccer fan’s first word would be goal, but the other little tidbit that Nash revealed in the interview doesn’t. The two time MVP has actually tried ballet.

It’s a pretty good explanation. Doing something potentially embarrassing for a woman you like is about as common for a man as Nash driving the lane and finding a teammate with a pretty pass. Plus, it’s hard to hold anything against a guy who can make uttering the phrase, “my plies wasn’t the tightest, but neither were my shorts” sound cooler than a line in the movie Swingers.

Like we said, sometimes you find out unique things about your favorite athletes in interesting places. In this case, Nash certainly proved he’s comfortable in his own skin, but not in a pair of tights while doing ballet.

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  • Silverstream

    This was funny but also interesting, me and my friend Scartalon Thunderclan laughed but still I give this story 5 stars :)

    -Silverstream =^_^=~~~~~

  • http://Shawwebmail Pat Volk

    A basketball team mate of mine from the 1950′s told me I should watch Steve Nash with the Suns. I told her I didn’t watch the NBA because basketball was no longer a “no contact sport” When I came to Arizona in 2003 I did watch a Suns game and was so impressed with the ball handling ability, shooting, etc., of Nash. I have been watching all the TV games that are available, here in Mesa and also when I am home in Calgary. I wonder if Steve remembers a Basketball Coach, Phys Ed teacher in Vancouver when he was playing ball in school in Victoria. That teacher, Darlene Currie, was the one who said I should watch Steve. Good Luck to the Suns