Regardless of wins and losses there is one thing that constantly puts the Suns at the of or near the top of the league. Something that has the passion and heart that very few NBA teams have. It’s the fans of course.

The true lifeblood of the organization, Suns fans continually support the team through thick and thin (and we’re not just talking about the different versions of Charles Barkley since he retired). No, they have found a passion for Arizona’s first professional sports franchise that has spanned 45 years. While the names on the roster have changed, their desire to don the purple and orange and cheer as loud as possible has never wavered.

This year their passion is being recognized on a national stage. Despite one of the tougher seasons in the franchise’s history, Emory Sports Marketing Analytics ranks Suns fans as one of the best in the NBA. In a study that included equations taking into account projected team revenue based on record compared to actual revenue, market size and other factors based on numbers we don’t understand (we’ll call in GM Ryan McDonough to explain it to us later), the group found the Phoenix faithful to be the sixth best in the game.

In our opinion — although we’d probably be found guilty of bias by a jury of our peers — we think our fans are the No. 1 group in the league and possibly all of sports. So take a bow and even pat yourselves on the back. We appreciate you and national outlets are recognizing what you’re doing.

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Hi, my name is Greg Esposito, my friends call me Espo and I’m a Phoenix Suns-aholic. I also happen to be the team's Social Media Specialist as well as one of the online content creators. You'll find my sarcastic musings here on as the Suns Retorter.

  • Island In The Sky

    I love my Suns. I wore the purple & orange out and about this season, even though they’ve had the worst record in the WC. Contrast that to bandwagon “fans”! It will be so great if/when the Suns return to elite status! The Purple Palace needs to rock again! SUNS!!!

  • Joe Fisher

    blah blah blah When is Robert Sarver selling the team?